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I have built my San Diego carpet cleaning business around Health. From the beginning I was overly concerned about breathing that steamy water that steamed out soapy chemical water. Even on my dry cleaning side I was worried about the atomization of the cleaner applied to the carpet. This is why I am no chemical residue carpet cleaning San Diego.

No chemical carpet cleaning san diego

In 1994 when I opened I started with a myriad of so called Green Carpet Cleaners. I went through a fortune on fake safe cleaners that ranged from natural to organic. It wasn’t until I studied the MSDS sheets and looked up each ingredient that I was enlightened.

Today we take advertisment at it’s word. You hear a radio commercial of a franchise carpet cleaning outfit that claims they dont leave a residue by cleaning with special water. But, it’s when you discover what is really in that water and about the same chemicals they use as most carpet cleaners. We have to do our due diligence in research. Google wasn’t what it is today in 1994, I managed to figure it out. You can too.

Sure, I came at it overly paranoid but, I’m the daily constant user. So, finding the perfect 100% safe product was my goal. Yes, we have training & certification, put yourself in my shoes: I was an active duty Navy chief being indoctrinated. The first thing that I seen was the secondary big picture of “must use chemistry and products”. Like everyone else I couldn’t swallow that pill and my own research proved it had holes.

Like any industry that has governing bodies, it is political, corrupt and all about the money. Every piece of equipment that comes out gets endorsed by someone so that everyone buys it. Then they find it’s not what they said it was and now there is a new piece of equipment out they are endorsing. The only endorsement I accept is mine after I do my research. Just because there is a new cleaning product out that makes all these claims, let me see the ingredients.

Safe green carpet cleaning by Miracle Services

When I started, Teflon/Scotchguard was buried under the rug after much media coverage in the late 80’s. It was reported of how that product was not only used for carpet protection but for food wrapper interiors, cookware, clothing and so much more. The toxicity and talk that it remains in our blood forever scared me. Then it went hush hush. I heard an industry executive say ” it’s in all our blood already so don’t worry about it”. Then I understood how the civilian life worked.

I will say this, I tried many non-teflon and so called “green carpet protectors” but they all contained a certain chemical that you just can’t get away from. I trust no one that pimps that product to a carpet customer without laying out the truth. I’m not talking about some wing nut carpet guy that reads the script on the chemical jug. I mean laying out the ingredients, the hazards, how long it lasts, what it really does and what happens as it flakes off. I know, I know, carpet protectors are the icing on the cake for carpet cleaners – easy money. You got to keep that certification fidelity to the carpet cleaning chemical companies.

So, since I clean Green defined honestly to myself, to protect myself, will I apply carpet protectant for you? No! If you have a serious cleaning issue and need chemistry for issues such as dye stain removal or other stains, I will be upfront and inform you that it isn’t green. It will be confined to the problem area and then flushed & rinsed out.

When it comes to cleaning your carpet, I part company with the carpet cleaning tradition that was taught to all of us for our certifications. I rarely inject anything into my cleaning water unless it is an overly trashed carpet that requires Salvage Carpet Cleaning. Most cleaners chemically inject the cleaning water with an acid or an alkaline chemical. That franchise that claims they clean with just water like I do, well, they inject their water with their altered modified chemical water to give it power to clean.

My safe process is to apply my human & pet safe green carpet cleaner directly to your carpet. Then I flush and rinse it away with 100% pure fresh water. I’m absolutely safe by not breathing in a chemical from the steamy water. Even better, our wands are modified to direct the steam into the carpet rather than filling the room causing severe humidity.

Now, is cleaning truly green the non-toxic way it? No! There is nothing ordinary about my process. In order to “Flush” out the carpet & “Rinse” it, it requires a high flow of water. Not that typical low flow high velocity quick blast that we call Squirt & Suck where your carpet cleaner does quick cleaning swipes. That does not compute or equal: flush, rinse & extract. It leaves dirty water behind, their chemical behind and it leaves you soaked.

We have to dry our work as we clean so that you don’t have to wait for it to dry days or hours later. It used to be taught to dry your work due to the wicking process from a contaminated carpet backing or pad. If left soaked, everything in the pad and backing will wick back up. They don’t want you to know this anymore, it’s to much extra work

Dry fast carpet cleaning by Miracle Services

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