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No chemic carpet cleaning Our specialty is safe, non-toxic, clean, refreshing no chemical carpet cleaning. Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning uses a no chemical carpet cleaner in San Diego. We cater to those that require carpet cleaning with a true green, non-toxic & non residue service, those that suffer from allergies, those that have sensitivities to fragrance or chemicals, those that suffer a low immune system and those that still want great carpet cleaning without the typical hazardous carpet cleaning chemicals. Our eco friendly products touts that it fragrance free, residue-free, no VOC’s and no phosphates. Phosphates come in most San Diego green carpet cleaning solutions.

Our special spotting technique is just a safe special bar of soap instead of a multitude of toxic hazardous chemicals.No chemical carpet spot treatment

Before I go further let’s make it known that I’m not another carpet cleaner trying to suck up with my boring advertising dribble as to how we just want to do this for our customers and our planet. It started when I started my business in 1994. I was still active duty at the time and the Navy was strict on knowing every chemical and it’s hazards that was used.  After reading the MSDS sheets and ingredients of carpet cleaning products that I used, I knew I wouldn’t survive long if I used what this industry recommended and sold to us. A no chemical carpet cleaner had to become me in order to get this far.

So, like I said, it wasn’t an advertising script like so many use to sound concerned about the planet and humans. Common sense just said to protect myself and I would be doing my part to ensure my customers were absolutely safe and same for the eco system. I can’t tell you how many times I see not so smart carpet cleaners dump their water into the gutter. This is highly illegal but more importantly effects aquatic life.

When I started I termed my process as “natural” but that term was never popular. As a no chemical carpet cleaner back then, it just didn’t sound clean or possible without chemicals. I just used a natural cleaner, flushed and rinsed clean with just pure water instead of chemical soap water. That was my version of Natural. But then came an “Organic” fad. Everything was organic even those things that were not, it just sold. Then came “Green” and now it’s “Eco Friendly”.

We as humans are led, I remember that I would buy things based on the terms biodegradable or environmentally safe. I had no idea what it really meant until the Navy enforced Material Data Sheets on everything. That sheet showed the ingredients and the hazards, it was enlightening. Today, what is labeled eco friendly, green, organic, safe, non-toxic or natural is not. Just include one single green or natural product and you can get away with that claim. You could include arsenic in an all synthetic chemical product and claim it’s natural because it has arsenic in it. This is why you and I have to do our research! This is also why I prefer being a no chemical carpet cleaner in San Diego.

Then came the residue thing which has always been around and a concern for carpet cleaners. A new company started which decided that their thing was to sell Franchises to people like me. So they scooped up on No Residue, trade marked it so guys like me that used strict processes that did not leave a residue could no longer use those terms that described our process. They sent out letters of cease & desist letters even sued. So just like the fakes that use the for mentioned terms this one too became adulterated just for the sake of fear marketing. It is my professional opinion that this company is one to be feared since they are very dishonest with their advertising. Example – A certain franchise that converts water into a chemical to give it power leaves that same chemical in your carpet which is by far a no chemical carpet cleaner. That is a residue. Most all carpet cleaners use chemical injection to bump up the ph in their cleaning water or an acid to lower the ph of the carpet. WE DON’T!

We flush, extract, rinse and extract then extract again with only 100% soft water. We leave you with a residue of water. Which type of residue would you like? Our extreme Green cleaner gets applied to your carpet to break down and suspend your soil and the we flush and rinse it all away.

Trashed Filthy Carpets

No chemical carpet cleaning

Our goal is to keep it as natural as possible. With our no soap organic carpet cleaners that do not leave a cleaning solution residue. Our product is not the typical petrochemical or another fake green product that is not human safe but safe for the environment or the other way around. Our product is safe for humans and our environment. It is a food grade product.

There are times we have to shift to our secondary Green cleaning solution that is higher in ph and give it a scrub & extract. We use a dual brush scrubber or a rotary extractor for those really dirty situations. Now if I wanted to pour on the advertising dribble B.S. I wouldn’t tell that at times we must use an enzyme for those nasty pet urine soaked carpets, but we do. It has to be done for the sake of removing that very harmful bacteria.

Heavily soiled carpets not contaminated with pet urine are no problem and our primary Green, soapless and odorless solution is applied and the carpet is thoroughly flushed, rinsed, and extracted.Np chemical carpet cleaning san diego

Flush & Rinse Carpet Cleaning at High Flow

As a carpet repair service also we get to see a lot of carpet damage. Fiber distortion is one of the typical things we see often. Carpets require gentle vacuuming and gentle cleaning.

We use a special patented wand unlike those of typical franchise carpet cleaners. We flow more water at a higher pressure. This means we have larger holes in our jets to flow more water in a non abrasive way to flush. Our recovery system on our wands have a venturi effect to roll the water into a massive flushing technique that does not wet your carpet backing. Traditional Franchise carpet cleaners use the blast wands that hit the carpet with force pushing down deep all the chemical preconditioner and your soil. Looks good on top but it was forced into the backing especially since they are very quick and do not extract the majority of the water. They even claim now to reduce the pressure but the blast effect and the quick extraction passes do not equate to clean as to our Flush & Rinse technique.

Many times we find fiber distortion from previous carpet cleaners like the franchise companies or those that send out employees. These cleaners use cleaning jets with small holes that point straight down into the carpet blasting soil deep into carpets. These jets are so powerful they feel like they are cutting into your skin. When they work a spot with these traditional wands they distort the fibers.

We prefer gentle agitation of more flush & rinse rather than hydro blasting and cutting or distorting carpet fiber tips.

When using any scrubber on a carpet the tech better be smart enough to tell whether it can be used so as not to do damage. Many time a cleaner will spend too much time in an area agitating and the pile looks different now.

Watch video clip of typical wand technique of how most cleaners clean:

That is not cleaning, it is Splash and Dash leaving preconditioner and dirty water behind. Make sure your carpet cleaner is making enough flush, rinse and extraction passes to get it squeaky clean.

It will take longer to get it clean and it will cost more to do it right. Your 1st sign that you will be getting a dirty clean is the price.

The most very important thing to know and remember is that the majority of carpet cleaners inject chemicals or soaps into their cleaning water which leaves that chemical residue. Many claim no residue, even those that claim their water has “power” but it has been transformed into a chemical. Others that claim to clean “Green” don’t and you have to request to see the product ingredients to know for certain.

Carpet stretching San Diego

We also provide carpet repair such as carpet patching, carpet stretching and bleach spot repair.

Try no chemical carpet cleaning San Diego next time you need a good cleaning. You can see our current prices & specials: HERE

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