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San Diego Natural carpet cleaningSan Diego natural carpet cleaning is the way I started back in 1994 when natural really meant something. My number 1 priority was complete safety for myself and any chemical exposure. If I protected myself as a daily constant user then I knew my clients would be more than absolutely protected. Organic carpet cleaning is the best way to go.

We’ve always used common sense in what we’ve used for ‘safe non-toxic carpet cleaning’ since we are the daily end users. It’s all about researching the ingredients and ignoring the advertising hype. The terms “Green, Organic, Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly and no-residue” sell and all too many carpet cleaners that claim it & advertise it are not.

Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning & Repair (San Diego Natural Carpet Cleaning) prefers to be transparent & honest, we show you exactly what we use, and the ingredients then explain our safe carpet cleaning process that is different than most. Since many claim to clean Green & Natural falsely, we like to show you. The product container lists the ingredients rather than hide it. This is why we do not use the product Procyon that most carpet cleaners gravitate towards. We just do not consider Phosphates or phosphoric acid to be human safe or eco friendly. Natural carpet cleaning San Diego

As San Diego Natural carpet cleaning we are one of San Diego’s very few carpet cleaners that use a true natural, green, organic carpet cleaning solution, we prefer this for most carpet and upholstery cleanings. Our product claims to be residue-free and most important contains zero phosphates or harsh chemicals.  Our simple safe food grade product goes down in a high alkaline state for maximum cleaning strength and then self neutralizes. It is an amazing eco friendly product that out performs, is safe, fragrance free, colorless and is non- allergenic.

Unlike that Franchise company you hear about on the radio or like many carpet cleaners that inject an alkaline chemical in their cleaning water  or convert their water into a chemical WE DO NOT. We actually clean by flushing, rinsing, and extracting with pure unadulterated water. Chemical injection or converting the cleaning water into a chemical is the art of leaving that residue behind in your carpets. Many who use Procyon and claim to be Green, will run that injecting into the cleaning water to soften it. The problem is that that now has left it’s residue.

 Our no chemical carpet cleaning process is the way we like to keep it. When I say that, I’m talking about a no soap, non-toxic, green precondition that gets applied directly to your carpet. Then it’s a high heat, fresh clear water, truck mount carpet cleaning & extraction aka steam clean. Most carpet cleaners transform their cleaning water with a chemical by injection – we do not! You can call it anything you want but it’s chemical injection: alkaline water or acidic rinse but it is still chemical injection. Chemical injected adulterated water leaves that residue behind regardless of radio commercial ads or advertisement. Our process will always be just plain water rinse cleaning for your health of no residues left behind.

The ingredients in our preconditioner are 5 FDA food grade items that we find in our food and drinks daily. None of that special water where chemicals are injected into the cleaning water that some claim doesn’t leave residues, they claim it’s  green but has sodium hydroxide in the mix. No, we are not using the typical green carpet cleaner that most green carpet cleaners use that contains phosphoric acid and phosphates! We don’t consider Procyon to be green or safe for our clients homes. I have had many new customers that went with another so called “green” carpet cleaning service that used the phosphates and had human or pet reactions. Sure, yeah, phosphates are natural but so is arsenic. Just because something contains natural ingredients does not mean it’s green or human safe. This is how we all get duped when shopping for green, organic and natural labels. For the new selling buzz word – eco friendly, be smart, phosphates are by far safe for the eco system.

We like to show every concerned client exactly what we are using and the ingredients, then we encourage you to google those ingredients.

But all that aside, if you are one of those that has let your carpets go for years do not expect to go natural. Carpets were designed to be cleaned annually and to be vacuumed frequently.

One of the other benefits of having us clean your carpets besides the eco friendly non-toxic way is our Fast Dry service.Dry carpet cleaning

Although we do provide Dry Carpet Cleaning and consider this a filthy inferior way to clean carpets, we prefer to truck mount steam clean residential carpet. Since we developed a Fast Dry technique in 1994, our steam clean service can leave you drier than typical dry carpet cleaning. The only difference is that your carpets will be absolutely clean.Fast Dry carpet cleaning

When it comes to true carpet cleaning the carpet drying must be accelerated because things do wick back up! The typical promise carpet cleaners make so they can leave you a wet mess is : “it will dry fast in 1-2 hours”. We always speed up the drying as we clean with our accelerated dry process. What ever contaminates that dwell in the carpet backing or the pad will wick to the surface yarns during the long dry. So, we eliminate that by our rapid dry technique. This is proper cleaning and defining the word “clean”, leaving a carpet to render it’s bacteria or contaminates through the wicking process is plain wrong and carpet cleaners know this.

Carpet repairs, we are a qualified carpet cleaning service that can also repair your carpet during a clean. From bleach spot repair to carpet stretching, let us handle it for you.Pet damage carpet repairBleach spot repairCarpet stretching san diego

Give us a call at 619 990-3541, we’ve been using all natural since we started in 1994. We have cleaning options. Best is we are a local business, you’re not feeding an out of state franchise corporation. Even better, we don’t play games like them and have extra hidden charges or a lame water fee because you can and many do make this stuff up just to get more. See prices on my Specials Page:

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