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San Diego natural carpet cleaning is the way I started back in 1994

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We’ve always used common sense in what we used for safe non-toxic carpet cleaning since we are the daily end users.

As one of San Diego’s very few carpet cleaners that use a natural, green, organic carpet cleaning solution we prefer this for most carpet.

 Our no chemical carpet cleaning is the way we like to keep it and when I say that, I’m talking about a non-toxic green precondition and fresh clear water truck mount hot water extraction aka steam clean.

The ingredients in our preconditioner are 5 FDA food grade items that we find in our food and drinks daily. None of that special water where chemicals are injected into the cleaning water that some claim doesn’t leave residues, they claim it’s  green but has sodium hydroxide in the mix. No, we are not using the typical green carpet cleaner that most green carpet cleaners use that contains phosphoric acid and phosphates! We don’t consider Procyon to be green or safe for our clients homes.

We like to show every concerned client exactly what we are using and the ingredients, then we encourage you to google those ingredients.

But all that aside, if you are one of those that has let your carpets go for years do not expect to go natural. Carpets were designed to be cleaned annually and to be vacuumed frequently.

Give us a call at 619 990-3541, we’ve been using all natural since we started in 1994. We have cleaning options. Best is we are a local business, you’re not feeding an out of state franchise corporation. Even better, we don’t play games like them and have extra hidden charges or a lame water fee because you can and many do make this stuff up just to get more. See prices on my Specials page.

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