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As a former Navy chief myself I provide military discount carpet cleaning San Diego. But it also extends to veterans. When it comes to our military & military veterans no one understands like one who also served for over 20 years.

When you see the benefits from police & firefighters it will make you sick compared to the military. Who is more important? You are! 24/7 on duty, always at risk with multiple sacrafice you must make. Then the benefits that you get are minimal and bottom of the barrel.

Many times if you are renting a home the landlord will take full advantage of you because you are military and very accountable. I’ve helped many military personal with their move out cleaning by supporting them on the actual condition of the carpet in writing.

Military housing owned by civilian contractors are the worst. They go out of their way to find reason to replace the carpet after you move out and get you to pay for it. It absolutely sickens me because they don’t treat the rest of the civilian community this way.Military discount carpet cleaning

When I come in to clean your carpet, you get a full carpet inspection. There is a thing called “normal wear & tear”, you have a right to live your normal life on this carpet, not tip toe on it. If it’s entry level carpet which is the norm, then it wears out quick. If it was installed incorrectly (90% of the time) it will wear faster and I will find it & document it for you.

Military housing inspectors love to break out the black light and search for pet urine to make you replace it. These are inaccurate. Many things will show under a black light, urine that has been completely removed will always show, who’s to say it wasn’t the previous tennent. We use something far more accurate that detects active urine and so should they. I’ve helped many personal refute the inspection for urine that they claimed was present.

When we come in and find that the carpet was not installed to standard but just laid in then it is considered “damaged goods”. The one who bought the carpet did not have it installed correctly and therefore it is damaged and is supposed to be replaced before a tennent moves in. I will find that and document that.

If you are concerned about your carpet, need any repairs, cleaning or especially if you are doing a move out clean, call me. I always provide military & veterans with 10% off for military discount carpet cleaning. Thank you for your service!

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