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Water Restrictions California means low moisture carpet cleaning

When you’re in a drought and under restriction how do you get your carpets cleaned? Well, as a 26 year old professional multi method carpet cleaning company we know. It’s low moisture carpet cleaning for water conservation San Diego.

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It comes in various forms, styles, quality & effect. Those who resort to this method of carpet cleaning only are not very honest when it comes to how it works and the negatives of it. It’s a cheaper way for most cleaners, less costly equipment and easier work. The claims they make are mostly untrue in order to sell it.

I started 26 years ago at this. Started with Dry cleaning, found its faults, adapted, modified and spent a fortune on every dry – low moisture equipment there is. I cut my teeth on perfecting commercial carpet cleaning which is really the only dry cleaning candidate in my opinion. I spent 3 years cleaning residential carpet with a low moisture method. One day I couldnt get under the lip of this big heavy sectional the customer didn’t want moved. There was a big difference from where I cleaned and under the lip of the sectional. So I ran in the hose from my truck mounted steam unit and cleaned under the couch lip. Boy did I screw up! Now I had a super clean bright area under the lip of the couch that did not match the living room I low moisture cleaned. So, I ended up steam cleaning the house I just low moisture carpet cleaned. I have the best low moisture system available that cleans better than any other and could not come close to the cleaning power of my truck mount. From that day on we kept residential 100% truck mount service.

So here we are in a new place with water restrictions. What do we do?

More frequent cleanings

You will have to have more frequent carpet cleanings instead of that once a year steam clean, yes it could cost more. When I used this method for my low moisture clients it was every 3-4 months as a maintenance service and we kept them looking pretty good year round. The once a year thing was just too much, sure the dirt and spots get rearranged and looks better but its not real clean! The difference between us and a Dry Cleaning only guy is we tell you the truth. Sure, yeah we make more by steam cleaning but its very labor intensive, fuel costs, cleaning solutions, equipment costs and a 25k truck mount unit constant maintenance cost is off the hook. At the end of the day that truly defines “carpet cleaning”. So, having to go to another method will require changes to your carpet cleaning periodicity. We price differently for frequent cleaning to make it worth it and because its much easier.

We’re typically a Green carpet cleaning company, Im talking about a real “Green” carpet cleaning service. No fake stuff that is partially green but toxic. We want to carry on that tradition but doing a heavily soiled carpet with any dry cleaning method will not happen Green or non-toxic. I could lie to you like many will to get your work but I won’t. So again, frequent maintenance low moisture cleanings is up to you to keep it clean and Green safe.

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