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After a carpet installer lays in a carpet over the carpet padding, it is a required standard to power stretch the carpet onto the tack strips. It is not an option and power stretching is not accomplished with the assist tool called – the knee kicker. If the new carpet isn’t power stretched it is not installed and your carpet manufacturer’s 25 year warranty is now void. This is why we provide Carpet wrinkle repair San Diego by stretching your carpet.

Power Stretched Carpets are Required at Install

We constantly run into and repair these wrong installs. Your installer knows very well that power stretching is required but you don’t and they rely on that. They know exactly that it’s more labor intensive for them and time consuming to do the job right. Most of the time an installer is subcontracted by the one that you purchased the carpet from because they were the lowest bidder. The lowest bidder must take short cuts. By the time the 1 year warranty expires you will start to see the damage and I have to tell you the bad news.

Carpet Warranty

Remember, carpets that are not installed and stretched properly will void your  warranty with the manufacturer. Any claim that you make get’s you an inspector that will inspect for all the warranty exclusions. The 2 easiest and most common exclusions are non sealed seams and no power stretch.  This is the 1st think we look for when we come in for San Diego carpet cleaning. Almost always do we find a bad install. Our inspection is required before a cleaning or repair. Cleaning a loose carpet will result in temporary buckling and we don’t want you to think it was caused by us.

Why do carpets need to be stretched? If not stretched or tacked securely, the carpet may pull away and wrinkle. The carpet is considered damaged goods if not power stretched. Loose carpet will cause the carpet backing to break down, pulverize and delaminate from the carpet. Also, loose carpet can cause accidents to the people walking on it. The wrinkled Carpet compromises the Carpet backing by damaging it which weakens it. It is considered damaged goods at this point:

Carpet stretching services in San Diego are very important to help assist homeowners in setting up their carpets correctly.

We do what the installer should have done. Give Miracle Services a call for your next carpet cleaning in San Diego. We can inspect it, repair it then clean it. Miracle Services is one of San Diego’s original true green carpet cleaners that specialize in non-toxic organic carpet cleaning that leaves no residue 619 990-3541

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