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Carpet repair

Before you consider replacing that damaged carpet consider carpet repair by Miracle Services Green carpet cleaning. They specialize in La Mesa carpet repair | power stretching and organic carpet cleaning. Wouldn’t it be nice to not only have a clean green non-toxic carpet cleaning event and get those repair items solved at the same time?

Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning

They are local veteran owned and operated service bent on detail, customer satisfaction and quality.

Today it is very hard to find a local service since many out of state entities have come in to offer services online. You call them and they look for a local contractor to sell the job to for 60%-50% of what the job sells for.

Imagine that you are that contractor, you will make 40-50% and your name/reputation doesn’t have to be on it. Let’s be honest, human behavior says short cuts and 40-50% of quality. You the consumer is the one that gets hurt unfortunately.

Carpet Repair

Whatever it is Gary the owner can handle it for you. Carpet pet damage, bleach stains and loose carpet is the typical daily fixes on a carpet cleaning job in San Diego. All you have to do is discuss your needs with Gary who schedules your job and text a few pics of your damage and get an accurate phone quote.

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Why does Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning clean safe with human safe products? They protect themselves from the typical carpet cleaning chemicals that have no mercy on our health.

As daily users and protecting themselves the consumer can be absolutely sure that they are protected. Best of all the Miracle Natural product they use cleans extremely well.

With the true non-residue cleaning technique that does not inject chemicals or acid in the flush and rinse step you truly have nothing left in your carpet. Tradition is to run an emulsifier, chemical or acid injected into the water. Even the advertisement carpet cleaning franchise you hear on the radio runs chemical through thier water – Sodium Hydroxide/Lye and then claim they don’t leave a residue. Not our style for truth in advertising or running that through our water and having to breathe that chemical vapor!

Give Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning for all your carpets needs.

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