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Introducing carpet cleaning to Johnson CountyI’m Gary of formerly Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning & Repair of San Diego. I served 21 years in the Navy, retired & had started my business a few years prior to retiring which anchored me to San Diego. Politically incorrect and an enemy of the state of Kalifornia we finally had enough spine to leave. I had always enjoyed my times spent at Ft. Cambell and swore we would move to the TN area where people seemed so normal. So here we are finally introducing new carpet cleaning to Johnson County, TN.

I’m running solo today providing Truck Mounted carpet steam cleaning & a better, safer & cleaner method of dry carpet cleaning. On the note of Dry Carpet cleaning I will say from 27 years of experience that ALL Dry Carpet cleaning is considered inferior and in no way defined the word “clean”. It is a cheap inexpensive way for a carpet cleaning to operate while fooling the consumer by smoke & mirrors: rearranging the dirt. There are many consumers that still believe in this method which is why I have always had it available.

Not only am I introducing new carpet cleaning to Johnson County but also Carpet Repair. Those that sell carpet from big box stores normally sub-contract carpet installers. That there is the problem since they are basically undercover, they are hired under the big box store and if something turns wrong then it’s all on the name of that big box store. This means that the installers usually will not perform the absolute “required” power stretching and instead use a knee kicker. All this to get in and get out quicker in order to make a profit. This means that all too many times I end up having to stretch out wrinkles, buckles and  bubbles. Many other typical repairs are patches for pet damage, burn repair and color loss repairs.

Johnson county power stretching

Carpet Stretching

Give me a call, I know how hard it is in this area of Mountain City, Doe Valkey, Doeville, Pandora and Butler, TN to fo find an available carpet cleaner.



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