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Imperial beach tile & grout cleaning

Imperial Beach tile & grout cleaning is one of the great services that Miracle Services provides. We offer both residential & commercial cleaning for many cities in San Diego county.

Safe green carpet cleaning by Miracle Services

Our process is a thorough 4 step process that is based around our high alkaline pre conditioner that we apply to your tile & grout as our first step. This is the most important step.

Our next step is to agitate the grout lines by hand to loosen up deep impregnated soil and stains in the grout lines. The grout is the main objective when cleaning a tile floor since the tiles are much easier to clean. Since grout is cementouous it is very easy to stain and requires a lot of scrubbing.

Next step is to power scrub both the tile & grout lines. Miracle Services high alkaline pre conditioner has been working on the soil and now the agitation and scrubbing is called for:

Imperial beach tile & grout cleaning

Above are the unscrubbed grout lines and tile about to be scrubbed and below you can see the difference once we scrub it:

Tile & Grout Scrub Miracle Services

Big difference but we are not done yet. Our final step will be to high pressure, high heat steam clean it to rinse it and remove stubborn grout stains:

This is where the magic happens. Unfortunately, the longer between services the more potential for permanent stains, especially in kitchens. Regularly maintained light tile and light colored grout can stay uniform in appearance rather than having ugly stains that grab your eye.

Commercial tile cleaning is exactly the same as residential but tends to be much dirtier due to janitorial services that wet mop the tile daily and help stain the grout:Tile & grout cleaning imperial beach

Give Miracle Services a try next time for your tile grout cleaning in Imperial Beach or your carpet cleaning needs, we’re owner operated rather than another out of state owned franchise or big truck operation. Who would you rather have, an employee on a rushed schedule, motivated by 30% add on commission sales? Or, would you rather have the owner bent on providing honest quality motivated by keeping a 5 star reputation?

Give us a call and don’t forget that Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning also provides carpet cleaning and all carpet repairs. Please see my prices here on my Specials Page.


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