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I don’t know about you but my home is my refuge and my sanctuary from the pollution we endure here in San Diego. I like my air clean, I like my water clean, that’s all. This is why I’m into healthy green carpet cleaning in San Diego. I came here from Honolulu and have never seen clean air or water again. The funny thing are the people from here that claim that this is paradise. I read the air quality daily and it’s always disappointing. The ozone and particulates are off the charts most of the time. So what do I do? I over maximise my air cleaning in my home, the water is filtered and then re-filtered.

Filtering our air

The biggest air filter in our homes is our carpets. They build and keep an electrostatic charge as we walk on them. All those particulates that float around are attracted and held by that charge in your carpet. There they wait for you to remove them with the vacuum. The sticky, greasy soil that you can’t remove ends up attracting soil and that is when you need me.

Green Carpet Cleaning

As a clean air & water freak I’m a bad candidate for a carpet cleaner. So, I’ve made it my specialty to clean green with real green products. Yes, there are situations where we can’t be as green as we want especially for certain stain treatments but we keep it as safe as possible for us and never go to the extreme.

Green everything today is mostly B.S. You can buy some green laundry detergent and find that it has at least one bad chemical in it that is notoriously bad for humans yet safe for the planet. Same for carpet cleaning products. Take that franchise you hear about on the radio that claims to clean with just alkaline water which is Lye. Spin that to be green and then bath all other carpet cleaners and claim they all use soaps and harsh chemicals.

Defining Green, Organic & Natural

It all sells so many use it as a gimmick just don’t look into the ingredients. Arsenic is Natural, it could be said it’s green and it is organic, so you better do your research. We define Green, Organic and Natural as a product that is safe for humans, pets and the environment period. Many so called Green label carpet cleaning products contain these bad natural chemicals.

Healthy Carpet Cleaning

So, the only way I can define a true Green carpet cleaning is to term it “Healthy” if it meets my strict honest guidelines. It’s for my health and if I maximize my protection then I have you covered as well.

At the end of the day we can know for certain that we did not pollute your indoor air quality, didn’t leave any residue except for a water residue and we flushed and rinsed out your major air filter – your carpet. No fragrance to bother your nervous system, no VOCs, no residues to attract soil, just clean carpets.

Next time you need a true green carpet cleaning that is free of chemicals give me a call. If you don’t use us make sure you google your next carpet cleaners solutions and ingredients before they start if quality and healthy matter.

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