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Worried about the effect of hundreds of chemicals we come in contact with each day? Try Green Natural Carpet Cleaning San Diego! Your sanctuary should be the one place where you should be protected. A place with quality indoor air, no VOC’s, no off gassing, no chemical residues!  Wouldn’t you like to have fresh clean carpets cleaned the safe natural way?

Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Repair San Diego

They are one of the safest Carpet Cleaning Companies in San Diego. Miracle Services work with various cleaning agents on a daily basis & work with only the safest cleaners to protect ourselves. There are no Speed Cleaners on the truck that are hazardous! We prefer Safe to 100% Natural cleaning solutions that have the CRI Green Seal of approval.

It is our responsibility to protect ourselves & the environment that we live in, that is why  Green organic Carpet Cleaning San Diego is our primary concern.

Green seal cleaning promotes:

  • A healthy cleaning alternative
  • Pollution reduction
  • Improvement of indoor air quality
  • Protection of our planet
  • An overall healthy way of living

We use a soap free, odor free, all natural, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic cleaning products with a non residue process that out performs that no residue franchise. We don’t power our cleaning water to convert into a chemical – sodium hydroxide. Instead we clean with just soft water. These environmentally safe cleaning agents deliver great results!  This is a perfect option for expectant mothers with nesting syndrome, newborns, children, and people who suffer greatly at the hands of allergies.

Green cleaning positively affects your quality of life.  Let Miracle Services, Carpet & Floor Care help improve your quality of life today by having us clean your carpets the safe and natural way!  For more information about our green seal carpet cleaning and prices or to schedule an appointment, please call 619 990-3541

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