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Ever notice how most carpet cleaners will not list prices and what is included with that price? Enjoy an honest no pressure service.

☆ Get a FREE Hallway cleaned with carpet cleaned

☆10% Off Carpet Repairs with Carpet Cleaning. 

Ceramic Tile & Grout cleaning at only 90 cents per sq ft. 60 cents per sq ft if combined with 2 or more rooms carpet cleaned. (Please note – if previously waxed it will be extra to remove old wax)

☆ 1 Free Minor Carpet Repair Included – color loss spot dye touch up or transition bump & secure

☆ Enjoy My Signature Fast Drying Service to Accelerate the Drying Process with every carpet cleaning

Enjoy Bait & Switch worry free, deep carpet cleaning by getting it all for just 1 price. See below all that is included with our carpet cleaning service.

Never, ever a 30% commission upsell motivated employee, we’re owner operated. No upsell charges or hidden fees. Get it all included, this is the way we do it. Every carpet cleaners game is to come in a low price then introduce all the extras you can and must have to get it clean. What we do is include it all plus more just to avoid that game and the Bait & Switch stigma.


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List of Prices

3 rooms

this is our minimum charge for carpet cleaning

4 rooms

5 rooms

6 rooms

7 rooms

8 rooms

Stairs count as a room

Walk-In closet $18-$29

Instant Dry Service $50 -$90 

Carpet Repair

Min. Service charge – $150 for most locations – call for details


Carpet Stretching $150 – $225 per room of 200 sq ft max ( price depends on interferences such as seams to break & re-seam, doorway transitions & tack strips




CARPET PATCH $80 – $150 depending on size.


PET URINE/SPILL SUBSURFACE CLEAN $45 per gallon of pet treat solution


BLEACH SPOT CORRECTION $25 -$75 EACH depending on size












Sythetic Upholstery
$18 per lin. Ft.

Must have I.d. tag .

No natural fiberS

micro Fiber $28 per lin. Ft.



Non Persian Area rugs
$1 per sq. ft. cleaned on site only

What is Considered One Room? 

We consider a room 150 sq. ft. of actual cleaning area, 2 small furnished bedrooms may be considered 1 room.

Great rooms, Dining & living room combos may be considered 2 rooms.

What is Included in Our transparent PRICEs?


Carpet inspection/audit

Pre-vacuum (within reason)

Pre-conditioner, all green or enzyme for pets

Spot treatment

Stain treatment

Malodor treatment 

Truck mount deep steam clean (Hot water extraction)


Please note that Pet urine requires sub-surface cleaning or repair. This is not included with carpet cleaning prices but is optional. If you do not want this service and just cleaning only, we do include pet treatment to hopefully remove the stains but not guaranteed. A malodor treatment is included with carpet cleaning if you want it but does not guarantee pet odor removal. 

Carpet Repair

  • Carpet stretching $125 – $175. Great rooms extra.
  • Carpet Patch $80 – $175 each. Depends on size.
  • Hooka Burns $35 – $60 each
  • Bleach Spot Dye $25 – $75 depending on size
  • Minimum service charge applies -$149

Our pre-inspection/ carpet audit will point out all issues with your carpet that we can either repair or you can pursue a claim with your installer or carpet manufacturer.

Extra Services

  • Subsurface flush & rinse repair of pet pee spots/spills $45 each up to 12″ Diam
  • Pet urine soaked pad replace, replace contaminated tack strip, sub floor clean and seal for odor, clean backing, reinstall, then clean: $17 per sq. ft.
  • Filtration Line cleaning – $1.50 per foot, these are better served and cheaper by stretching and cutting.
  • Commercial carpet cleaning – 28 – 49 cents per square foot. Minimum service charge: $210

Carpet Salvage Cleaning

Salvage service and pet urine contaminated carpets are not guaranteed for appearance or complete odor removal due to the nature of latex carpet backing.  

  •  $.70 cents per ft2 for this service

Tile & Grout

  • Ceramic tile: $1.25 per sq. ft. (if we are in for other services then 80 cents per ft.)

  • Stone tile: $1.55 per sq. ft.

No typical carpet cleaner Bait & Switch or Up Sells, it’s all included with us except carpet repairs: carpet stretching, CARPET patching, pet urine contamination repair, filtration line stains and WATER DAMAGE service. Get more with us, no confusing price packages to have to choose from just the works at 1 price.

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