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Green carpet cleaningWe realize how hard it is to find a real green carpet cleaning Bankers Hill | Non-Toxic Service. There is no definite definition of “green” and it seems to be greatly abused and confusing as to what it really is. This is why Miracle Services has strict guidelines on defining it since it is us that work with cleaning solutions multiple times per day. We must protect our health.

Safe Carpet Cleaning

Deep carpet cleaning, flush, rinse and extract the organic way is the Miracle Services way. Their process is safe for them and so safe for you and your family. The non-toxic free of residue technology means cleaner longer and healthier carpets for you. The Miracle cleaner is a  unique baby safe product that is completely hypoallergenic so that you and your family can breathe easier. Those with chemical sensitivities can finally relax with this type of clean.

True Green Cleaning

 There are many fake green and organic carpet cleaning solutions and we study, examine and research all Green cleaners. Just because a product has something that is organic or natural in it does not make it safe. Arsenic is organic but it isn’t safe for humans.  It’s just like the customer we had recently that was all things green and showed us her green bug spray. It contained 2% clove oil and the rest was severe hazardous chemicals although it was labeled green. This is too typical.

It must be human safe

We’ve been hard at this for 25 years and defining “green” has been our quest. Several Green carpet cleaning solutions come out every month because Green sells. The ingredients 90% of the time along with the hazards say different. Since we are daily users we make double sure that we use safe, clean, human safe products.

Does the whole green carpet cleaning thing really matter? It does to us obviously since we are the techs that do this. For the home owner we believe it is essential for your indoor air quality.  It is also most beneficial in regards of soap and chemical residues that will effect your family & pets. Your home is your indoor sanctuary and we would like to protect that for you.

Free of Soap & Residue

 Traditionally carpet cleaning involves soap,  chemical or acid injection into the cleaning water. Just like that franchise you hear about on the radio that claims nor harsh chemicals or residues. Well, we don’t consider sodium hydroxide/lye a friendly chemical and it does leave just that as a residue. Our process is no injection of any kind into our cleaning water, it’s 100% pure water. Our natural non-toxic cleaner that is a no soap cleaner gets applied to your carpet then flushed and rinsed out.  This is our technique to keep us and you safe.

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