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We’re not your ordinary carpet cleaning service in San Diego. We’re not a franchise that charges high price for shoddy work. We don’t compete on lowest price like most services in a border town and deliver substandard results.

We are a Carpet Care service. This means we provide complete carpet care, if we find your carpet loose we can stretch it, if we find color loss we can correct it, if your dog ate some carpet we can patch it. Most important, if while we’re cleaning and pull your loose transition off tack we can fix it rather than leave it.


Now when it comes to Green carpet cleaning we define it. As a 21 year veteran I don’t take any advertising or media seriously. I have to verify everything. The typical carpet cleaner reads the back of a chemical jug and see’s “removes odors” and not only believes it but advertises it. All things “Green” has been hijacked just because it sells to the consumer. Take radio advertising for somethingrez, you heard a radio talk show host read his paid script and therefor it must be true. Well had they researched complaints, reviews and blogs they would see something different.

Since Green sells there are all type of Green certified seals to make and apply to a product, stay with me here. I can make one and put it on my website page, doesn’t make me Green in its forgotten definition and neither does that necessarily make any product Green.

My advise is to verify in your home any product being used if you truly are concerned. There you can google ingredients and see for yourself. Since many Green & Organic products contain ingredients that are not safe for humans you should verify. A very popular product is Citrus Solvent which is natural. Funny, they kill termites with this and maybe why you hardly ever will find a worm in an orange. So if it kills organic life is that why I get a migrain and heart palpitations when I’ve used it? Many poisons are natural, organic and claimed “green”.

One of the most readily available and touted “green” carpet cleaner contains phosphoric acid. It’s claim is Natural, again. Sure, this was one of the earliest Green products but we found right away that it ate our brass in our equipment. My 1st sign should have been the warning not to get it on wood. A carpet cleaner I know dripped it on someone’s coffee table and removed the finish. That does not fit in our definition of green.

Why are we Green? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an environmentalist, I like to hug trees but not like some do. We do this all day, protecting ourselves all the way is paramount, if we have that covered then we know we are providing you the safest product possible.

Unfortunately not every carpet is a candidate for anything green!

An oil based polyester that loves grease needs some kick and I’m sorry, a real Green cleaner won’t break the grease but just remove the soil from the sticky oils. This is why many carpet cleaners fail by not identifying the carpet fiber and using the wrong cleaning solution. We don’t want to step outside of our Green realm but if your problem requires it we will tell you rather than lie to you and tell you it’s Green regardless of what the product claims.


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