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As I was active duty military I decided to clean carpets as a part time gig. Started my business and studied the consumer and the competition in order to become the greatest carpet cleaning in San Diego.

The consumer seemed to all have the same complaints: soaked carpets, half assed cleaning and Bait & Switch.

I went to work studying and mastering every carpet cleaning method there was and is. Before long I completed my 21 years of military and went full time. It was going to be a breeze to exceed the consumers expectations and not have a competition.

My style of cleaning was not the same as other carpet cleaners that weren’t the smartest nor the concerned. It seemed to be the standard to get into a home with a bait price, bang out a job quick & dirty while jacking up the price 3-4 times. It seemed like everyone that got into this industry all pick up that same model. Even a popular radio franchise carpet cleaning company that you hear about says this: “We know our carpet cleaning process is the best in San Diego and often we are even cheaper than our competitors”. Only problem is that it isn’t true and when you read their Yelp reviews or google their complaints it’s the same story as everyone – they advertised one price but the end game price was way higher.

In 1994 when I started I had solved the problem of soaked carpets and implemented what I called “Fast Dry” which many followed in order to compete. My truck mount was modified and all my tools in order to clean deeper and extract more water than anyone else.

Also in 1994 we tested all our cleaners to ensure the safest and that they would not leave a residue. We modified the standard cleaning process that most use today including the Traditional Franchises that have to get in & out quick. That is CHEMICAL INJECTION into the cleaning water, this is a standard Franchise technique to make it easier for the employee. Run the cleaner through the clean & rinse water, leave that chemical residue and sell radio commercials that you don’t leave a residue.

We do not use that standard technique of chemical injection but rather use pure fresh soft water to clean & rinse your carpet. Our unique, non-toxic, eco-friendly green cleaner get’s applied to your carpet and allowed to go to work. It’s not a soap nor a detergent but a high alkaline natural cleaner that self neutralizes. We easily flush and rinse it away leaving your carpets squeaky clean. The manufacturer proclaims it as residue-free and it’s true. Odor & fragrance free, no VOC’S and is hypoallergenic being the safest organic carpet cleaning agent known.

Since we have no competition I don’t hide our prices or details like the others do just to get you on the phone. Instead our prices on my website:

We want you to do your research before you call us, if you’re a price shopper then we probably won’t be a good fit for you since we never get in just to jack up the price on price shoppers. We just want to avoid all that and do what we do and be able to deliver superior carpet cleaning and carpet repair service.

We provide all carpet repairs as a carpet cleaning service. Once upon a time carpet cleaning was considered carpet care. Your carpet cleaner knew all things carpet. Today carpet cleaners don’t even know what type of carpet they are cleaning which is why there are so many problems.

If your carpet is loose and needs carpet stretching, if you have bleach spots, pet damage or burns we can help. A good carpet cleaner would not just clean over damaged carpet but give you the option of repairing it first.

Give us a shout quality matters for your carpet cleaning or carpet repair.

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