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San Diego Carpet stretching service

Loose Carpet due to a bad install. You have a carpet install warranty but it’s only good for 1 year otherwise you have to pay me to fix that mess above. Getting new carpet installed correctly can be challenging.

Finding quality and honesty in any industry is getting harder and harder in today’s world. People have adapted to “all things made in china”, they expect poor quality. Our first sign was when you had to “buy” a warranty or insurance on something that always lasted years (made in the USA). The truth no longer sells.

I’ve been in the Floor Covering Industry for over 26 years and have never been a fan of the industry due to the politics and deceit in it. The manufactures sell it all up with partial truths, with heavy buzz words to sell you and lead you away from the truth, their warranties are so cleverly designed by top lawyers so that making a claim is very hard and getting them to own up to a problem is rare. Just read your Exclusions and you will see for yourself. Then manufacturer is connected to the major Chemical Companies, so is your warranty. It’s a big industry with very little concern for the consumer. What? You’ve complained to the manufacturer, the distributor, the installer and then to the carpet cleaner? You say you’re going to hard floors now! Who do you think makes those hard floors? They don’t care if you go the other way, what are going to do? Use straw or dirt? They know they got you.

You buy your carpet from a Distributor locally, that is the entity you deal with. They provide the install and the warranty. It’s very important to stop right here and discuss the Carpet Install Warranty. You’re carpet warranty is usually 25 years, great right? Not really. Everything revolves around that install. Your 1st Carpet Warranty Exclusion hinges on a proper install iaw CRI install standards. If it was installed incorrectly your 25 year carpet warranty is void! So get this, the Distributor who usually subcontracts the installers to the lowest bidder, they give you a 12 month Install Warranty. This is all well designed by good lawyers. Your 2nd Carpet Exclusion gives you normally 18 months to get your carpet cleaned from date of purchase. Think about it, who gets their carpets cleaned earlier than 12 months after you all that money for it? Here in San Diego we see the majority of installs are incorrect and the carpet needs repair or replacement. So let’s say your carpet was not installed correctly and you have some obvious manufacturer defect in the carpet? You call in on your 25 year warranty and an inspector shows up, he finds you do have a claim but………he finds the carpet was not installed correctly. Your claim is void!

We have had client carpet replacements due to our inspections over the years, due to bad, wrong, non standard installs, selling customer the wrong fiber carpet paid for and premature wear. When we come to your home for a carpet cleaning we need to do a Pre-inspection to identify it’s fiber type, construction, damages, correct install and integrity. This is why we ask how old your carpet is, when it was cleaned last and who cleaned it. The wrong cleaning method can damage your carpet and certain companies will leave your carpet soaked for days which will increase the wrinkles in an already bad install loose carpet.

Your carpet install in the residence should always have a CRI certified installer in the crew. You should ask for this to verify and tell your distributor that you demand it. Your residential installer must have and use a power stretcher on an install, otherwise your carpet is not legally installed. It really is not installed and once it has been just been attempted installed this way with a Knee Kicker only, that carpet is now considered damaged goods! Your carpet is required to be replaced. A power stretcher will stretch the carpet taught so it can be installed on tack strips to keep it tight without the ugly wrinkles, ripples or bubbles. These get walked over and prematurely worn and if you wait too long you will see the wear line even after it’s been properly stretched. This is why it is important that you have your carpet power stretched, see it and then have it independently inspected. You can call us after an install to come and inspect it for you.

Carpet power stretcherThe correct power stretcher


Carpet knee kicker San Diego

The knee kicker is not a stretcher and is absolutely not to be used as a stretcher for and install The knee kicker should never be used as a carpet stretcher for an install. Unfortunately a large majority of installers use this and count on you not knowing that it is not supposed to be used. I mean, the power stretcher is a $500+ tool & a knee kicker can be had at harbour frieght for $49. Besides, the correct mandatory power stretcher is too heavy and a pain in the butt to use.

What about that carpet pad? Did you know that there is the correct thickness pad for your type of carpet and this is crucial for long life and less wearing? This is why you need a certified installer. Pad goes hand in hand with Scotchguard sales in the scam arena. Ever pay extra for a pad with a plastic covering on it to prevent urine contamination. Oh yeah! The novice carpet cleaner will sell you Scotchguard to protect a carpet that can’t get stained and the scotchguard will never absorb into the fiber since it’s non absorbent. So where does it go? Airborne? You breathe the flaked off residue, you walk on it & it get absorbed into your body? So you buy the plastic covered pad, the dog pees on it, the urine is supposed to travel as gravity takes it to the bottom. Instead the urine pools under the carpet and stews in the Latex backing that holds your carpet together, the place we want as little damaging urine as possible. Not only that but instead of knowing where that urine spot is we don’t because the urine had travel in the direction of the floor tilt. Normally we flood a urine spot and let the liquid run through the carpet, backing and into the pad, let it dwell and then pull it back up through the top with special tools. We do this until we are flushed out and clear. When we have a wood sub floor upstairs then we can pull the carpet back, remove the small area of urine soaked pad, clean and seal wood sub floor, replace area of pad, clean backing, reinstall carpet area, clean top of carpet. The plastic pad is great for providing a moisture barrier between the sub floor and pad if you have wool or if you have wood planking floors that you want to preserve in case you do get urine damage to protect wood. It isn’t misunderstood by installers, it’s just sold up for more money but you’d think they would install it plastic side down even though they took you on it.

Don’t wait 12 months for your carpet inspection and just so you know, when the carpet cleaner makes it out there, 9 times out of 10 they don’t inspect or know what to look for. A good carpet cleaner should know how to and should inspect your carpet for liability and claim issues that you should know about. Call me or call an independent inspector out. Even if they were a friend of a friend, 2, 3 years later when you have big ripples in your rooms that are trip hazards it will have to get addressed.

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