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Got those pet damage areas? What about carpet burns? Then there are those wrinkles, bubbles or buckling in the carpet from a wrong install. We are Flinn Springs carpet repair |carpet stretching service for you. We’re not another subcontractor service that you see so many of that are out of state with a 800 or local number, we are the service.

Pet Damage Patch

It’s common and we certainly can help you.

Since we are not subcontracted by an out of state company for 50% you won’t have to pay extra or worry about being up sold on other items in order to make a profit.

Carpet Stretching

Your carpet is loose because your carpet retailed subcontracted rhe cheapest bidder and made money. The installer had to cut corners to make a profit. Now you have to have someone come in and do what they did not – power stretch.

We clean carpet tooPerson using vacuum on carpet

If you’re  in need of deep steam carpet cleaning we can help there too. We specialize in green, safe, non-toxic varpet cleaning. We won’t use sodium hydroxide/lye in our water like zerorez and try convince you that it’s green. Instead we will flush and rinse your carpet with unadulterated water to ensure you are left free of residues.

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