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Fast drying carpet cleaning San Diego when quality matters to you is what we created since the #1 consumer complaint of carpet cleaners was soaked carpets.

Besides taking our time to clean your carpet The right way, we also have a Fast Dry carpet service. It is very essential to true “clean” carpets.

You’ve tried all those really quick services where they left much of the water in your carpet. It may have taken days to dry and then started to stink. That does not equate to clean! The last thing you need is mildew spores growing in a just cleaned carpet.

You know those humid days we get out here, especially areas located by the ocean. Fast Dry Service is a critical must that others won’t do but instead to tell you it will dry fast.

 Quick drying is part of out actionable program and included with our service since 1994. Since we repair carpet we get to see the underside of your carpet and have seen plenty of moldy organic seam tape and wood tack strips. This is why moisture control is at the forefront of our service.



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