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The safe way to clean

Eco Green carpet cleaning La Mesa  & our all natural technique is a way of carpet cleaning we formulated at our inception back in 1994. It was designed for my personal safety for  no exposure to harmful chemicals.

If we have taken the harsh, toxic, environmentally unsafe chemicals out of our equation then you know it’s safer for you. Not all green carpet cleaners are green.

Truck Mounted Quality steam carpet cleaning

When you choose us you can rest assured you are really getting soap free, eco friendly, 100% natural organic, non- fragrance, non-toxic and non-allegenic cleaning. You get the benefit of ensuring that your indoor sanctuary is chemical free.

Verify what’s being used

When choosing a green carpet cleaning company in La Mesa and San Diego for your home, please keep your family’s health in mind.  Once in your home ask them to show you the product and Google those ingredients. The MSDS sheet will list all ingredients and hazards.

Green sells and many claim to be green but are not. We are not the typical carpet cleaners that use the 1st thing labeled “green”. Procyon seems to be that choice but we do not approve of the ingredients for human health or the eco system. Phosphates in our opinion are not green.

Green organic steam carpet cleaning

Its all about the ingredients, fake green carpet cleaners will use products that are labeled green but have very questionable chemicals and only a small percentage of safe ingredients. We all know that there are all too many natural poisons. A certain radio ad for a carpet cleaning franchise you constantly hear about cleans with Sodium Hydroxide but they claim it’s green?  It comes down to this with us: our products must be “human safe”! We’re not gullible and we question everything. Just because it claims to be environmentally safe doesn’t make it human safe,  we’ve had too many products like that. 30% of a natural ingredient and the rest harmful ingredients does not make it green.  Phosphate based with phosphoric acid in the popular green carpet cleaning cleaner does not meet our guidelines for human safe.  I’ve heard the mentality of many carpet cleaners: “but the advertisement of the product sells itself”. You got to love the average carpet cleaner.

Most responsible home owners would prefer to avoid having  chemical cleaners, and VOC’s in their home as well as in our environment. As one of the 1st organic carpet cleaners in San Diego that started this ball rolling we are proud to promote green carpet cleaning.Safe green carpet cleaning by Miracle Services

Locally owned & operated green cleaning La Mesa – all natural technique

Miracle Services is a completely reputable owner operated carpet cleaning company since 1994 still using non-toxic green cleaning solutions that are totally safe for us, you and your indoor sanctuary. We are strictly a quality operation.

Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions are derived from FDA approved food-grade ingredients that when used with our patented high heat truck mounted system steam cleaning units allow us to provide you with the best carpet cleaning available.

All of our cleaning tools are modified high flow pushing a larger flow of water for a deep flush and rinse while never penetrating the carpet backing. Other cleaners use aggressive water blast tools which blast dirt and soaps to the bottom of the carpet.

Combine that superior cleaning procedure with our Fast Dry service for rapid drying times and you have the best service available. Any soils, contaminates or spills in the carpet backing or carpet pad system will wick to the surface during a long dry time. This is why in 1994 we created Fast Dry service that coincides carpet cleaning.

We offer you unmatched quality cleaning services that are much different from the other carpet cleaning cleaners in the San Diego area. We provide the most effective, natural and safe carpet cleaning process available in San Diego. As professional qualified cleaners we don’t have to clean over bleached spots, pet damage, burns or wrinkled loose carpet like others will. We can address those for you if you like, it is the job of a true carpet cleaner.

Fast dry green carpet cleaning

Carpet bleach spot repair

Carpet stretching san diego

Our 100% natural green carpet cleaning process leaves your carpet without the typical residues that even those that advertise zero actually leave behind. Your carpets will remain cleaner longer.

Miracle Services has been providing our San Diego area clients not with an alternative green cleaning approach but with green all-natural cleaning. We do have other safe alternatives for example such as a heavily pet urine contaminated carpet or one that is absolutely trashed and hasn’t been cleaned in years.Carpet pet urine repair san diego

Everything we use is of the highest quality, from our all-natural green cleaning agents to our specially designed tools, we will never settle for less.

We reject the traditional routine of extra sells or add on items once in your home. This is a tactic of the multi truck and franchise operations where techs make 30% of commission sells. We won’t even try to sell you on scotchguard because we won’t sell it or use it period. Even the green carpet protectant is a useless gimmick in our opinion, therefore we won’t promote or sell it to you.

We are the only carpet cleaning company that provides it all with 1 price. No gentle bait & switch games like packages to choose from. We know what every carpet needs which is why we include more. We are not your typical carpet cleaning service.

A more complete service:

Higher standards and highest experience, it’s our business. Unlike so many, we come into clean and we come in to repair. Color loss spots from bleach stains are all too common not to mention loose carpet. Pet damage is also very typical and it’s not our way to just clean over that. We would like to correct all that for you. Professional carpet cleaners know all things carpet and should be able to address all things. Just let us know at scheduling and we’ll a lot time for repairs also.Carpet pet damage repair


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