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Dry fast carpet cleaning san diegoGetting your carpets cleaned the right way can be a challenge! Many worry about the dry times and so try dirty dry cleaning methods. Rearranging your dirt & contaminates that you wanted removed by dry cleaning puts you in a worse place. Try dry fast carpet cleaning in San Diego – 100% natural.Green natural carpet cleaning

If there is 1 single thing that can give you a bad carpet cleaning day, it is a carpet cleaner that comes in and does a quick Splash & Dash clean. You know the kind – inject the sticky soap into the cleaning water, run on the hose and bang it out real fast. As a professional service we know that we must do a fast dry carpet cleaning in San Diego – 100% natural to speed dry your carpets. We get a lot of moisture here, many coastal areas are always extra humid. We know about wicking problems. You’ve spilled things, you had unprofessional carpet cleaners that blasted your spills and soul deep into the backing leaving it soaked or you used a home machine that did the same. Soil wicking to surfaceChances are that carpet backing and pad are a mine field but it’s not a problem when you’re smarter than carpet. Let me just say this: carpet cleaners are not created equal! I’ve never been impressed by carpet cleaners but then again this is my 2nd career I started while on active duty. I’ve always had to have a 2nd job since the military pays a carnival workers wage for what we had to do.

So you figure out this thing about gravity, how the carpet is made, the fiber you are cleaning, the construction, the mess, then you can attack it the right way. If you seen us clean with slow rinse passes and slower dry passes you’d be amazed by the typical goober that brags how fast they bang out a room. Sorry goober but moisture control is paramount not speed. Got to get that moisture out as much as possible. Then add a Fast Dry Service that actually speeds up the process. Well, that’s our thing and we are smart enough to use carpet drying fans rather than the snail fans designed to dry water damage under carpet. It’s a quality thing.carpet cleaning fans

We’re masters of Dry carpet cleaning in San Diego and the best: Truck mounted steam cleaning. Bottom line is regardless of the method we understand moisture control and getting your carpets clean and dry.Speeding up carpet evaporation

Nothing beats sanitized steam carpet cleaning flushed & rinsed of all soil & then dried for you.

Those that perform dirty dry carpet cleaning know very well that they are only rearranging your dirt & buffing or scrubbing in their chemical cleaner. There is nothing dirtier than a method that leaves it all behind but only makes it look uniformly dirty. Think I’m full of it? Schedule your Dry carpet cleaning company and schedule me. Let them clean a room then have me clean half of it so you can see the difference. Then I’ll show you the dirty water. Beware of unethical carpet cleaners that are too cheap to buy proper truck mount steam cleaning equipment and sport a floor buffer or brush machine.

If you really think a carpet can get dry cleaned and dry in 30 minutes then be my guest, go for it. You just have to redefine the word “Clean” to meet your expectations. I mean, why would you run sizzling bacteria sanitizing water through your carpet fibers, flushing and rinsing all your problems away, with powerful pressure extraction vacuum out to a van? Sure, if I was a Slip Knot unethical carpet cleaner, I would prefer to take the easy, cheaper, less labor intensive route & dry clean your carpet. But as an ethical moral American I can’t lie to you or leave you with a toxic mess that you assume is safe.Dry fast carpet cleaning

If you really doubt me, call a dry cleaning guy and me. Let me clean an X in the middle of a room they cleaned. Click PRICES for our Specials & Prices.

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