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Don’t do dirty dry carpet cleaning! Try the definition of carpet “cleaning” with us. A trend setter since 1994 for dry carpet cleaning San Diego – Miracle Services. We turned steam carpet cleaning into a Fast Dry service. Others have followed but we are the originals.

Dry carpet cleaning san diego

Since 1994 I have changed the industry standard from soaked carpets to carpets left dry or close to it. We have made hot water extraction carpet cleaning virtually dry carpet cleaning San Diego.

For decades carpet steam cleaning has had a black eye and still do for leaving carpets soaked. Soaked is very problematic and once finally dry not very clean. This is why chemdry swooped in with dirty dry cleaning and fear marketing. Their claim to fame was to take advantage of soaked carpets and leave you very dryer. I extensively used dry carpet cleaning for a few years, tried it all but found that I was very much rearranging the dirt and leaving the residue of my cleaner in the carpet. Oh, was it cheaper and so less labor intensive but I felt the guilt of not being honest by using the term “Carpet Cleaning”.

So, we modified are truckmount system and tools. We studied dry until we finally could use a larger volume of water to really clean deep, recover most of that moisture and then speed dry our work as we cleaned.

Dry carpet cleaning San Diego

I know I have revolutionized the industry because many have followed part way. My conviction is due to the carpet construction and repair side. Spent much time repairing weak seams due to soaking, deteriorated latex backing and some moldy wood tack strips. Carpet just wasn’t made to get soaked and put away soaked. I know for a fact that the industry has a bad habit of low bidding and banging them out quick and on to the next. That problem is fueled by the lowest price shopper and so the problem of soaked carpets will forever continue by many.

Carpet moldMoldQuick dry carpet cleaning

Rain or shine we don’t have the problem of leaving you soaked. When you use us you don’t have to wait for the hottest day of the year.

Give us call, tell us what you have, we’ll give you a price and we can answer any of your questions. We only schedule on the phone for precise carpet care scheduling and quoting. You can visit our Specials page 

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