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Since 1994 I have made it our operational mandate to provide the finest, safest and most eco friendly carpet cleaning available in San Diego.

I am an all carpet cleaning method expert. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know what is best for each carpet type and each circumstance. Yes, we are one of a very few that has a full tool box. Many will just operate with 1 tool and try to make it a tool for all situations.

We know much about water flow and carpet cleaning which most have no conception or concern about. We also are extremely aware of water usage and conservation.

In a very dirty situation as above we know that 1st priority is sanitation and health. The above is not a low moisture or dry carpet cleaning candidate.

Unfortunately in a San Diego Drought carpet cleaning situation your carpet better get cleaned before it reaches a heavily soiled situation.

Conserving water is a great thing right now so routine cleaning of a dry, low moisture or very low moisture method is required. You constantly hear of dry carpet only method cleaners getting bad reviews. This is because they apply their single method of low moisture carpet cleaning to a job that requires deep, steam, flush and rinse carpet cleaning with a truck mounted unit. It just can’t get clean to customer expectation. If we arrived on a job like that above and the customer didn’t want truck mount steam carpet cleaning but dry carpet cleaning then we would walk.

We use a multitude of safe non-toxic carpet cleaners for our water saving carpet cleaning methods. From Natural to Non-toxic solutions.

If drought and water conservation carpet cleaning is a concern to you give us a shout. Nobody has our wide range of expertise or methods.

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