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What is deep carpet cleaning  San Diego

You mean there are degrees of clean? You’re kidding right?

You want it sort of clean, kind of clean, maybe half cleaned or do you just want the definition of clean?

It seems most carpet cleaners don’t understand it and sell on degrees of clean. I’m sure you’ve seen the various packages available to you with various price differences.

We don’t start out with a low price scam that we call “Basic Clean”. We advertise 1 price for 1 clean which is always a deep clean. No extra charges such as a trip fee, economy earth fee, water fee, enzyme fee, spot fee, equipment fee or whatever it takes to get a normal dirty carpet clean. One price to get it clean and it is always a deep clean.

Oh, what is a normal dirty carpet? We have your regular dirty carpets cleaned every 1-2 years which is normal. Then we have “trashed” carpets that need to salvaged. This is where we jack up the price. It’s 70 cents per square foot, no exceptions and no guarantee. These essentially get cleaned a few times by various salvage tools that are seldom used for anything except this type of job.

On these jobs there is a lot of agitation and chemistry involved, with that a lot of water to Flush and rinse. Most carpets in this condition have carpet to hard floor transition breaks that require our repair in order to scrub down the carpet. Then once we have exhausted our arsenal we have to speed up the drying since much water was required. A 100 sq ft of actual carpet to clean (not the total sq ft of that room) room will be $70.

Now, those that have all these extra scrubbers, rotary extractors and aggression like to use them on a normal job in order to charge more. My God, it’s carpet not tile, gentle aggression is all that should be used.  Don’t distort the carpet fibers on a normal clean where the 25 year carpet warranty is still in tact! The last salvage clean we did wasn’t cleaned in 13 years and the warranty was long void. Get permission to salvage and possibly distort! That’s all you can do.

We do some daily bad ones that some would define as Trashed, we carry several wands designed to handle variety of soiling but it is always a matter of turning up the heat, the pressure and using a tool that puts out more water flow. You see, it all comes down to the amount of water that comes out – gallons per minute. And yes, chemistry falls into that. Bottom line is its gentle and a bit wetter but dries rather fast the way we operate. As a former repented Dry Carpet Cleaner I practise moisture control.

We have come behind a myriad of carpet cleaners that have distorted carpet. Mainly Dry Carpet cleaners that use the counter rotating brush machines and floor buffers. Tip Blooming is the biggest damage where the too of your carpet tips are no longer wound tight but unwound and bloomed. Your carpet is ruined. Sure it looks fuzzier now but that’s not normal. The fact that most of the bacteria, soap, soil and other contaminates remain behind due to ZERO flush, rinse, heat and extraction doesn’t seem to get into anyone’s understanding.

You can complain about water usage all you want but flushing and rinsing that filth and bacteria away is worth it for a healthier indoor environment.

So, the point is that “every” clean should be a deep clean and treated as such. No need to pay extra, after all it’s your water we’re using. But, if “we” are going to salvage clean it will cost more.






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