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Always seek out deep carpet cleaning.Every carpet clean should be a deep clean! The Basic Clean thing is a scam that many carpet cleaners use to have the wiggle room to change the price on you once in your home, don’t fall for it! This is why we are no soap deep organic carpet cleaning San Diego.

Many traditional carpet cleaners especially the franchise companies just do a quick squirt & suck and do not deep clean, they blast the dirt and soaps down deep into the carpet backing. The backing is no place for moisture let alone soap.

A modern carpet cleaning service. We do not use the traditional tools but modified tools for much more water flow than other carpet cleaners. Sending a large volume of water rolling through the carpet while extracting it at the same time is our claim to fame for carpets. Leaving no residue behind except that of a water residue. No soap carpet cleaning is the only way to go.

Decietful advertisement. There is a franchise company that has radio commercials that claim they do not leave a residue but clean with sodium hydroxide water that they claim has power. Use your mind here, sodium hydroxide/lye leaves what kind of residue?

Traditional carpet cleaners pump soap or acid through their water and this leaves what kind of residue? No soap carpet cleaning is not hard.

Regular carpet cleaning wands, rotary extractors and tools are high pressure blast tools. Watch the average carpet cleaner run that wand or tool over your carpet that was preconditioned with the soap and imagine how all that soil, bacteria and soap was removed? This is overlooked simply because the top looks clean. But did it all get flushed and rinsed out? What did that high pressure blast do to the soap? Didn’t it explode into millions of tiny micro suds?

Another thing overlooked by carpet cleaners is that their extraction hose and wand fills up with suds, drastically cutting down the removal of dirt, chemicals and soap. This is why we do not use soap or detergents.

We made drastic modifications a few decades ago to ensure we were not blasting with high pressure water agitation. I started my business while on active duty and was trained to question and understand the big picture of everything. I also had the help of a customer on my first year get on her knees and spread her cleaned carpet fibers back to see the backing level fibers. Yep, didn’t get all the way deep even at the higher pressure we used that wasn’t the norm. More modifications and the use of no soap cleaners and we were onto it.

At the end of the day we clean down deep and still don’t get the backing wet but rather than leave you drier than anyone else including

Dry Cleaners that just rearrange your dirt.

Our special preconditions is a no soap cleaner, not the standard soap free cleaners popular with carpet cleaners that contain phosphates and phosphoric acid.

Give us a try when deep cleaning matters.




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