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It’s a tough time for everyone right now with the Covid hanging over us. Many of us are stuck at home and many of us are afraid of getting infected. Covid-19 carpet cleaning is possible but like you, we are taking precautions. We are using protective masks and gloves and keeping our distance. Instead of a 2 man crew it’s just one to reduce the chances of infections.

We’re turning up the heat to provide extreme bacteria killing and hopefully any possible lingering viruses. Many carpet cleaners are taking advantage of the Covid-19 by cashing in on selling sanitizers to the gullible. It’s hard to imagine that the Covid-19 is in your carpet and a danger but it does sell. There are times and cases where a sanitizer should be used in carpets but I have had very few instances where it was used. In addition, the sanitizers being used are more hazardous than beneficial. I like the honest common sense approach to treating an infected carpet system.

The carpet system is comprised of carpet, carpet backing and the carpet pad. In most infections or contaminations, the entire system gets contaminated and the entire system must get removed and replaced. Gravity sends the contamination into the system and then wicking sends it slowly back to the top.

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The Miracle Services COVID-19 carpet cleaning process is simple and unlike most: precondition the entire carpet with anon-toxic green carpet cleaner, clear hot sanitizing scalding water flush, rinse, extract, spot treat and accelerate the drying to snuff out wicking. The standard process that most follow is to precondition traffic lanes only, clean with water that gets a chemical soap injection or like that funky franchise you constantly hear of on the radio – the chemically alter the water into a no soap chemical.

It is a busy time for us since carpets are getting dirtier from everyone being home more. At the same time we are taking more precautions and going out of our way to keep human contact down to a smaller level. But since carpets are getting really bad and dirty during this time we are attentive to your needs.

So, yes, we are open during this time to keep San Diego carpets & floors healthy clean. You’re spending more time indoors so make sure you go Green carpet cleaning with a true residue-free process. Now the good news is that since many people are now working from home, that cat or dog you usually lock in a room while work are not eating and digging a hole in tour carpet.

Carpet pet damage patched

I’ve had a large decrease in carpet pet damage repair. I have however, had more carpet stretching than usual simply because many have to stay home and stare at those unsightly wrinkles all day.

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