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Commercial carpet repair San Diego is just one of our services that we provide along with commercial carpet cleaning in San Diego. Commercial carpet repair san diego

The greatest problem with commercial carpet is the fact that it is direct glue down. The carpet seams that require seam sealing do not get sealed a large majority of the time. This means that the seams are vulnerable to fraying and coming apart just by vacuuming. This is the most common problem and repair.

Commercial carpet damage

Frayed & broken seam

Commercial carpet repair is usually just a carpet patch from a frayed seam or maybe a rip. It is not as easy as residential carpet repair since this carpet area needs to be cut out, the adhesive scraped up, new adhesive applied and then apply the carpet patch.Frayed carpet seamThe frayed seam always is delaminated from carpet from backing. It has to be cut back which makes the damage bigger. It’s no problem since we provide commercial carpet repair.Making commercial carpet repair patchOnce it is cut out, a patch cut and sized, all the edges of the cut are seam sealed, the adhesive gets applied to the sub-floor and the patch gets inserted. Commercial carpet patchSince most commercial carpet is plastic and very thin, it gets flattened or bent even thinner. The new carpet insert or patch will appear to be thicker until walked on. It will also stand out in color until it gets a little wear also by traffic.

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, we cut our teeth on specializing in commercial glue down carpet in 1994. This is a different animal compared to residential carpet. It requires different cleaning methods. We provide truck mount steam cleaning, low moisture cleaning, very low moisture carpet cleaning (dry carpet cleaning)

and encapsulating shampoo carpet cleaning.

We also provide commercial tile cleaning in San DiegoCommercial Tile Cleaning San Diego

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