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When we originally started Carpet Cleaning it was acres and acres & years of just commercial carpet cleaning on a full time basis. Commercial carpet cleaning La Mesa is one of our service area.

Commercial carpet cleaning

Church Carpet Cleaning with an Encapsulation method


Banquet hall carpet cleaning

Commercial carpet with qualifying fiber for truck-mount steam carpet cleaning.


Commerical office carpet cleaning

O.P. low moisture commerical carpet cleaning.

Since commercial carpet is completely different than that of residential San Diego carpet it is cleaned in a different manner with various methods and moisture control.

Since most commercial office, building, hospital, church, banquet halls and restaurants have controlled air and no natural ventilation, it is essential to dry these carpets ASAP! This is where we learned to dry all carpets by the time we leave any job.

The majority of commercial carpet is polypropylene (Olefin) glue down. It is a plastic carpet made of recycled material such as plastic soda & water bottles.

Since this carpet is plastic made of petrolium, it is moisture sensitive, meaning that water does not absorb into the fibers but runs straight to the carpet backing. With this in mind it is absolutely paramount to have control of all moisture used and to expedite the evaporation process.

This petrolium commercial fiber loves oil & grease of any kind and that can stain these plastic carpets .Since these are plastic it is very hard to stain them except with oils or grease. The worst characteristic of building and commercial carpet is that it wears rapidly fast from foot traffic, constant pivoting in same area and desk chairs do a real number.

Keeping all of this in mind, the worse place for any Olefin commercial carpet is in an environment such as a greasy restaurant kitchen.

Another bad location for olefin commercial carpet is an environment where abrasive particulates of any kind will be tracked in or spilled onto the carpet to be walked on.

The results of  particulates are scratched gray traffic lane fibers where this happens. In front of reception counters, door ways and stair landings where pivot foot action takes place and stair noses are always the worst.

Many times office carpets get friction burns from personal sliding desks or other heavy furnishings. A bad vacuum can friction burn if left in place too long while running.

We have some of the best equipment and cleaning technology for all commercial carpet cleaning needs. Like I said we cut our teeth on this stuff and many of those jobs were correction where others had failed.

Industrial Commercial carpet cleaning has a big problematic side which determine the facility carpet cleaning method or methods.

Many times commercial carpet is improperly installed on a pad instead of being glued down to the sub floor. Sometimes they will be glued directly to the carpet pad.

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