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Cleaning Tips

Here you will find tips on extending the life of your carpet. Carpet is expensive so make it last by following a few simple carpet tips.

Vacuuming Your Carpets

Frequent vacuuming is probably the single most important thing you can do to lengthen the life of your carpet. Dirt – Sand is an abrasive which acts like sandpaper wearing your carpet. You should vacuum your carpet a minimum of once a week. Two to Three times would be the best. Not only should you vacuum often, you also need to vacuum properly. The common zigzag pattern most people use is not very effective. Your vacuum is pulling out the most dirt on the backwards stroke. To vacuum correctly pull the vacuum back slowly in a straight line and then move it to the next section and again pull it back slowly in a straight line. You want to make sure that all of your carpet is gone over with a backwards stroke. This way you will be actually cleaning your carpet. Avoid the seams as much as possible. Shoddy seam work on an install will become obvious quick. We will point these troubled areas to you during our pre-inspection.

Just remember that the sandy particulates that we have in San Diego will stick to greasy soiled carpet. This is why frequent vacuuming and carpet cleaning is very important. Think of your carpet fibers as fishing line mono filament. It’s almost invisible because the light can shoot through it. Once it is scratched the light is blocked and it appears dull and gray.


Rearrange Furniture

If your furniture is in the same position for the entire life of the carpet,  people walk and stand in the same areas all of the time. This means that sections of the carpet will wear out quicker than others. Rotate your furniture so that people will be forced to walk on different sections of the carpet. This spreads the wear around, increasing your carpets life. Also add sliders on heavy furnishing legs. This way you can avoid causing a ripple in the carpet when you push heavy furniture across the carpet. Carpet installers that did not install your carpet to required standards with a power stretcher left you a loose carpet. You will create ripples if you push heavy furniture across it.

Even worse, on polyester or olefin berber you can create a friction burn.  If you slide a heavy piece of furniture on these plastic carpets they may leave dark lines which are friction burns.

Today’s furniture are mostly cheap imports & they leave furniture stains which are permanent, even the black plastic legs and wheels will leave a permanent purple stain. Much of it doesn’t need any moisture to cause this.

Polyester or polypropylene (olefin) like Berber are in the plastic family. Furniture dimples are permanent and can’t be removed. Have you ever tried to remove a dent from plastic? These carpets are oil & grease magnets, they want oil and grease and this can actually stain unlike a forgiving and durable nylon carpet.

Area Rugs

Area rugs can protect areas of your carpet that get the worst wear, for example in front of your couch. If you do put an area rug over carpet however, make sure that you pull it up from time to time to vacuum underneath it and when you have the carpets cleaned. Otherwise if you ever decide to remove the rug you may end up with an outline around it. Do not use latex  or rubber backed rugs that are designed for non slip on hard floors. These will yellow your carpet permanently. Since most rugs are all imports it’s best to avoid any rug with any sort of a synthetic backing. Many cheap imports will dye bleed onto your protected carpet. You may pull that rug one day to find multi color spots.

Periodic Carpet Cleaning

12-18 months is best but then again it’s all up to your lifestyle. The most important thing to know is that carpet cleaning can be a problem. The Chemical Dry process with a floor buffer will destroy the carpet construction and tip bloom it. A cheap quick steam cleaner will leave your carpet soaked which means the backing gets wet and so does the seam tape! This will destroy your carpet so it is essential to go with a carpet cleaning service that Steam Cleans your carpet and gets it dry or close to it during the service. This is why we Fast Dry carpet clean.

This may sound like a sales pitch but its the truth: your home carpet cleaning machine is slowly ruining your carpet. For the same reasons above, getting your carpet backing wet will destroy it by eliminating the backing. There is no fix for that. The typical machine is not balanced with water psi or vacuum recovery simply because it’s electric. You have to load them with soap and shampoo which leaves all that residue behind, this will dull your carpet. Some worse case homeowner cleaners have forced all the dirty water into the pad and the pad is so full of soil that it has to be dried before we leave otherwise it all wicks back to the surface.

Worst Carpet Cleaning Spotters

Spot Shot, Oxy Clean or anything with Oxy in it and of course Resolve. They are great for leaving a chemical sticky residue attracting soil and removing breaking down the dye from your carpet. Whatever you use as a spotter must be flushed & rinsed out.

Beware of Cheap Carpet

In this country we are predominately synthetic for our carpets and rugs. This is my opinion after 20 years, Nylon – good, Polyester – bad, Polypropylene/Olefin – worse. Smart Carpet – forget about it, just another big let down to get more money for a carpet that a lot of deciet and you probably will never collect on a warranty claim. No one will tell you this, most carpet cleaners don’t know the difference or characteristics of the carpets they clean, the person who sells it to you won’t tell you because it’s all about the sale, and same goes for the manufacturer. We will tell you all about it when we inspect it prior to cleaning or repair. If you are buying a new carpet save yourself from the troubles of the inferior junk carpets and buy only nylon. Trust me, I’m not the one selling you carpet, I have nothing to gain. I don’t want to come into your home a year later to tell you your carpet has issues and then tell you you can’t make a claim

I guarantee that you will have multiple problems and be sadly disappointed  with the other synthetic fiber carpet. If your carpet is relatively new then let’s look at your warranty, many time junk carpets come with a warranty of the typical problems they have. We can help with your claim for new stuff! The manufacture was stupid enough to put in place a warranty on things they don’t ever expect you to know about.

Same for installs, the majority of the time your carpet is just Knee Kicked in by the lowest bidder that your carpet dealer subcontracted to install it! If it wasn’t power stretched from wall to wall then your carpet wasn’t legally installed and is in most cases considered damaged goods. We will inspect your carpet upon arrival and advise you of claim issues. Call me once your carpet is installed before any furniture is moved back into place, I’ll inspect it for you.

Give us a call, schedule your appointment in advance & enjoy a professional, non-residue, ORGANIC CARPET clean.

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