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Question: What Is a Chemical?
Short answer: Everything is a chemical.
Long answer: A chemical is any substance consisting of matter. This includes any liquid, solid, or gas. A chemical is any pure substance or any mixture. It doesn’t matter whether it occurs naturally or is made artificially.

The ingredients of all cleaners have “chemicals” regardless of whether they are human safe natural chemicals or toxic hazardous chemicals. We use the terms very loosely: chemical free and no chemical carpet cleaning just as the term “steam carpet cleaning”. It describes what the consumer has labeled it. We don’t clean with steam but we produce steam from our hot water cleaning. We describe our cleaning solutions as chemical free to emphasize that they are human safe and inert to harming us.

Why chemical free carpet cleaning? Because we clean all day 6 days a week and must protect ourselves. Anyone who gets thier carpet cleaned by a true professional carpet cleaning company in San Diego doesn’t have much to worry about. The Pro’s are smart enough and removing what they use along with your dirt is thier end goal. Yes, yes there are all too many who don’t know, don’t care, just want to bang out the job quick and take advantage of you. Just know that all carpet cleaners are not created equal.

We are very open in your home to reveal to you and show you what we are using. If you’re not being showed then something is being hidden for a reason.

We at Miracle Services Carpet Cleaning and Repair have a major goal: to live. We all get too much chemical exposure in this so called “high tech” & “modern world”. It’s up to each one of us to research everything rather than being led by media commercials, fads and so on. We all must verify.

Our homes are our only sanctuaries. In it they are slowly killing us with the pollutants of building materials, electronics and so many other things that we can’t escape. Start with your laundry cleaning products and air fresheners. Start by being concious of what you bring into or add to tour home. Carpet cleaning is probably lowest on the list but getting the soil and bacteria extracted away is a great start. Having it done with a no soap, safe, non toxic, natural cleaner instead of a synthetic petroleum based product is a great start.

To be true to the definition of chemicals then we must admit that even water is a chemical, it’s a natural solvent. To claim “there are not any residues ” that would be a lie. The question really would be: “what kind of residue”? Is it a harmful residue, is it a sticky residue, is it a residue that just peels away? Are you happier with just plain water residue or a man made residue in a high alkaline state of Sodium Hydroxide -Lye?

If you have concerns call us at Miracle Services 619 990-3541. If we don’t service your area I know all the great Green carpet cleaners that keep it safe.

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