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No Chemical Residue Carpet Cleaning San Diego

I have built my San Diego carpet cleaning business around Health. From the beginning I was overly concerned about breathing that steamy water that steamed out soapy chemical water. Even on my dry cleaning side I was worried about the atomization of the cleaner applied...

Carpet Cleaning with No Chemicals in San Diego

There is a safer way to clean your carpets, a safer way for you and for me. Carpet cleaning with no chemicals in San Diego is very possible and works extremely well. I’ve been doing it for a very long time. The carpet and floor industry promotes all cleaners...

Soap Free Carpet Cleaning San Diego | No Soap Residue

Carpet cleaning without the sticky soaps.  It’s all about the residue. Detergents and certain chemicals have a bad habit of exploding into millions of tiny soap bubbles while cleaning and getting lost in the carpet fibers. Yes, that leaves an abundance of...

Green Carpet Cleaning in Bonita | Organic Cleaner

There are many that say they are Green carpet cleaners but when it comes down to chemistry you will find the fakes. We provide green carpet cleaning in Bonita and other locations. Green to means that it’s natural, organic but…….. most important that...

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