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Veteran Carpet Restretching and Carpet Cleaning Scripps Ranch

Veteran Carpet Restretching and Carpet Cleaning Scripps Ranch. You can enjoy green carpet cleaning and repair at the same time. There are very few carpet cleaners today that will provide the needed attention a carpet requires before cleaning. To be a professional...

Smart Strand Carpet Dont buy it!

The newest thing. Looks good, feels good and they claim it’s green. The greenest thing ever and save so much energy. It’s garbage, pure unadulterated junk! B.S. marketing took off about the same time the Clinton taught us how to truth lie. Unfortunately...

Getting New Carpet Installed Correctly in San Diego

Loose Carpet due to a bad install. You have a carpet install warranty but it’s only good for 1 year otherwise you have to pay me to fix that mess above. Getting new carpet installed correctly can be challenging. Finding quality and honesty in any industry is...

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