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Carpet Damage Repair | San Diego

Need carpet damage repair? Many homes have some kind of carpet damage whether it be something minor like a bleach spot to a major repair such as pet damage. Our typical repair is loose carpet and stretching those carpets to lose the wrinkles. Yes, we are a carpet...

Carpet Repair & Carpet Stretching San Diego

If you are looking for carpet repair and stretching with carpet cleaning then you found it. Loose carpet in San Diego abounds in plenty. This is why we provide carpet repair & carpet stretching  while carpet cleaning. Carpet installs and any other floor covering...
Mira Mesa Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning

Mira Mesa Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Repair We realize how hard it is to find a good carpet cleaning service. I’m talking about one that can and will address the problem of loose carpet and carpet repair at the same time. There is no absolute reason to have to clean...

Carpet Stretching Scripps Ranch

Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Repairs San Diego 619 990-3541 It’s a downright shame that today’s installers do not install carpet by the book (CRI 105) the way it is required to be installed in order for your 25 year carpet warranty to be in force and to...

Carpet restretching and carpet stretching San Diego

Carpet re-stretching is most of what we do rather than stretching carpet. The major reason we have to re-stretch is simply because the installer did not power stretch your carpet in and used just a knee kicker. That is wrong, out of standard and grounds for entire...

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