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San Diego Carpet Stretching & Repair| Quality Service

Carpet wrinkles are due to improper installs It’s very typical today for carpet wrinkles and the need for San Diego carpet stretching & repair|quality service. Installers today all too many times fail to install carpet with a required power stretcher or to...

Carpet Repair and Carpet Stretching San Diego

If you are looking for carpet repair and stretching with carpet cleaning then you found it. Loose carpet in San Diego abounds in plenty. This is why we provide stretching San Diego while carpet cleaning. Carpet installs and any other floor covering is installed by the...

Carpet Patch San Diego

It isn’t really that big of a deal but what is a big deal is “where will we get a donor piece?” Sometimes you have some spare carpet of the same lot number that was left for this occasion but sometimes not. If not, I can steal it from a closet. But...

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