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Carpet Crease Removal | Carpet Cleaning and Repair San Diego

Carpet creases,  carpet wrinkles or carpet buckling are all caused by one thing – loose carpet. As a  true professional carpet cleaning service we can provide carpet crease removal, carpet cleaning and repair. A qualified carpet cleaner would inspect for a loose...

San Diego Carpet Stretching and Green Carpet Cleaning

We provide San Diego Carpet Stretching and Green Carpet Cleaning. You see, in the majority of homes we come in to clean have wrinkles due to loose carpet. It just doesn’t make sense to us as professionals to just clean over wrinkled carpet. We have the...

Carpet Stretchers in San Diego

Miracle Services Inc 619.990.3541 Since all too many carpets are never installed to required standard, we spend a lot of time stretching carpet. We can’t call it carpet restretching in almost every case because the carpet was never stretched in. We are a carpet...

San Diego Carpet Stretching Service by Miracle Services

Carpet Stretching  When you notice those bubbles, buckling or wrinkles due to loose carpet give us a call for San Diego carpet stretching service. Loose carpet doesn’t just happen! Carpet ripples, carpet bubbles, carpet buckling, carpet wrinkles, it’s all...

Carpet Restretching San Diego

This is a common problem and it shouldn’t be. 90% of the time install standards were not followed by “power stretching” in the new carpet with a REQUIRED Power Stretcher instead of a knee kicker. If we are coming over to clean it and you have loose...

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