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San Diego Carpet Restretching

There are a few reasons that you need San Diego carpet restretching. The majority of the time it’s because it was never power stretched during the install. Miracle Services Inc 619.990.3541 Power stretching is required! It is not an option for an install. If...

Carpet repair & carpet cleaning El Cajon

Carpet repair & carpet cleaning goes hand in hand. A good carpet cleaner conducts a carpet inspection first before any work starts. You the consumer should get a report on your install and any carpet discrepancies. You should also be able to request a carpet...

Carpet Repair and Carpet Cleaning in El Cajon

Carpet repair and carpet cleaning in El Cajon is possible now. Get it all done with just 1 professional service visit. We provide carpet cleaning and carpet repairs 619.990.3541 Miracle Services Inc As a professional carpet cleaning service in San Diego county we come...

Carpet Re-stretching San Diego

Carpet re-stretching San Diego is 98% of the time carpet stretching. Carpet restretching implies stretching carpet that was originally power stretched during the install as required by CRI 105 and the manufacturer of the carpet. 90% of the time a new carpet is never...

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