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Carpet Crease Removal | Carpet Cleaning and Repair San Diego

Carpet creases,  carpet wrinkles or carpet buckling are all caused by one thing – loose carpet. As a  true professional carpet cleaning service we can provide carpet crease removal, carpet cleaning and repair. A qualified carpet cleaner would inspect for a loose...

Allergy Free Green Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Non-Allergenic, Non-Toxic, Allergy Free Carpet Cleaning San Diego When choosing an allergy free green carpet cleaning in San Diego for allergy relief it’s all about the cleaning product they use, a truck mounted system and not a portable machine or a floor buffer....

Carpet Patching and Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Carpet Patching  Many times you will need Carpet patching and carpet cleaning San Diego at the same time. Our pets love to eat holes in the carpet, we get burns and even some stains that just have to be cut out and patched. The best time for carpet repairs...

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