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Carpet re-stretching and carpet stretching Mira Mesa

Carpet re-stretching is most of what we do rather than stretching carpet. The major reason we have to re-stretch is simply because the installer did not power stretch your carpet in and probably just kicked it in with a knee kicker. That is wrong, out of standard and...

Carpet Stretching San Diego by Miracle Services

619.990.3541 Loose Carpet This isn’t normal! But, it seems to be the norm today due to poor installers and uninformed consumers. Sure, some carpets will do this for other reasons but usually near the end of the life of the carpet if it is installed correctly....

Carpet Off Gassing

619.990.3541     I get these calls for help all the time and it’s usually from people that signed a lease and the owner had new carpet installed. They have moved in and now have health concerns or health issues. For most of us unsuspecting people...

Getting New Carpet Installed Correctly in San Diego

Loose Carpet due to a bad install. You have a carpet install warranty but it’s only good for 1 year otherwise you have to pay me to fix that mess above. Getting new carpet installed correctly can be challenging. Finding quality and honesty in any industry is...

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