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Carpet Repairs for San Diego | Miracle Services Carpet Cleaning

It’s cheaper to repair it than replace it, we are carpet repair for San Diego Many carpets have various repair needs. The majority of repair issues are due to improperly installed carpets. This results in loose carpet and wrinkles which need to be power...

Carpet Repair Service for Bleach Stains San Diego

619.990.3541   When ever we do a San Diego carpet repair our goal is to get it to as close to perfect as possible. If you need bleach stain carpet repair and carpet cleaning then you’ve come to the right place. Bleach stains happen but some carpet colors...

Carpet Damage Repair & Cleaning in San Diego

As a qualified Carpet Cleaning service we repair and clean your carpets. Obviously so since we are carpet damage repair and cleaning in San Diego. Most homes we visit we find several discrepancies primarily from the incorrect carpet install and then from pets. Carpet...

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