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Alkaline Water Carpet Cleaning San Diego | Residue Full

Alkaline water carpet cleaning San Diego is called “chemical injection” in the industry language. Creating high ph water means adding or converting the cleaning water into a chemical. That water leaves it’s chemical residue, do not be mistaken. For...
Organic Steam Carpet Cleaning Mira Mesa San Diego | Quick Dry Service

Organic Steam Carpet Cleaning Mira Mesa San Diego | Quick Dry Service

Try your next carpet cleaning the clean, non-toxic safe way. Organic steam carpet cleaning in San Diego with quick dry is the correct way to go. Getting carpets cleaned organically the safe non-toxic way is great but being left soaked is not. Mold or mildew spores is...

Rotary Extraction Carpet Cleaning – San Diego Carpet Repair

Carpet cleaning is a basic simple thing for most carpet cleaners in San Diego. For us we make it more technical. We are rotary  extraction carpet cleaning and carpet repair for San Diego and for this reason we know when to use a rotary and when not to. Carpet Backing...

Carpet Patch Alpine & Carpet Stretching

Accidents Happen on Carpet Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. Whether it be carpet burns, carpet pet damage or spilling a bucket of paint, we can help you. That’s why we are carpet patch Alpine & carpet cleaning. Miracle Services Green...

Allergy relief carpet cleaning San Diego – Miracle Services

Your carpet is one of the biggest air filters in your home. With an electrostatic charge it attracts airborne particulates and holds it until you vacuum the carpet. It is the greatest benefit of carpet. Those with hard floors have much more respiratory issues since...

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