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Let me start by saying that I am a carpet cleaner. As a carpet cleaner I clean carpet, repair carpet, clean hard floors and repair some hard floors. If you ask me which is better Carpets or Hard Floors I will say Carpet.

Don’t get me wrong, there is more money in cleaning hard floors than carpet but let me go with my common sense – there are hard areas of concrete & asphalt outside of our indoor sanctuaries. When I get home I want my feet on soft carpet so I can relax. Maybe that’s just me.

Rather than go long drawn out on the differences let just lay out my experience with flooring. Carpet is cheaper in most cases, you can get cheap hard floors just as you can get cheap carpet. A good quality carpet is still cheaper than quality hard flooring. You have to decide if it will be carpets or hard floors. You must consider the maintenance & cost of that for both.Carpets or hard floors

Carpets or hard floors

As with any flooring there is maintenance costs: repair & cleaning. Hands down carpet is cheaper maintenance but many assume that hard floors rarely need maintenance. Some would just say they just have to sweep and mop hard floors and that’s it. Then you discover that all that moisture and chemicals have caused some damage: effervescent stain of grout from chemicals, grout stains from mopping in all that soil, simple wood floors laminates that have seam swelling and real wood floors that dull, soil and need cleaning, decorating and or sanding.

Carpets just require simple vacuuming and I say “frequently” not weekly or more which most assume. Carpets are our biggest air filter systems. With an electrostatic charge, the attract and hold airborne contaminates until you vacuum. We vacuum daily. Imagine today’s nylon carpets like teflon, the vacuum brush agitation cleans each fiber removing the soil that does not adhere to those teflon like fibers.

On the other hand, cheap carpet such as any fiber not 100% nylon will attract, hold and refuse to give up oily soils, even to your carpet cleaner. Polyester, polypropylene (olefin) are the most inferior products that plague the carpet industry. It’s a plastic, petroleum based that not only off gasses unhealthy gases for years but designed to attract oily greasy soils and scratch & wear rapidly. Purposely designed so that the consumer will be back within 5 years for new, unlike the quality nylon designed for 20-25 year normal life span. Now, there is no money in that for carpet manufacturers.

The same thing goes for hard floors, certain hard flooring is designed to go bad early and others designed to last you decades.

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