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Many carpet cleaners try to explain it as a normal occurance but it’s far from normal. Carpet waves & buckling are simply due to an improper install. Your carpet cleaner should be professional enough to inspect for this before they clean and inform you that it it will get worse with cleaning. If they neglect to inform you and document this then they can be held liable.

Carpet buckling
Loose carpet

The picture above is the way we seen it before cleaning but an improperly installed carpet that is loose does not always show an obvious sign. A very simple inspection is required in each room to determine whether your carpet was power stretched as required. If there are no ripples in the carpet and it is loose, once it is cleaned it can look exactly like the picture above.

In San Diego I see more bad installs than good, in fact a very small percentage of good. This is because the majority of installers are the lowest bidding sub-contractors. Quality is not involved at all, no more relaxing of the carpet, no more acclimation and no more power stretching. It’s 3rd world standards direct from south of the border brought to you by the retailer you bought the carpet from. As far as they are concerned, that 20-25 year life span of your carpet won’t make them future profits so turning a blind eye to certified installers and proper required install standards is best.

What can you do? Have an independent inspector come by to inspect it before the furniture goes back in. If its installed wrong it is considered damaged goods and is supposed to be ripped out & replaced. The 2 most important items I find on a new install are seams that are not sealed and loose carpet. Seams that do not get seam sealed will fray and become obvious, loose carpet will buckle & wrinkle especially when moistened by cleaning or humidity. Today’s no standard installers do such a terrible job that within a year the wrinkles are very obvious. I know all the offenders and Empire wins as the worst. The home outlets come in next.

But, I must admit that a lot of the fault goes to you the consumer. Many times you think its wise to price shop rather than just do your research. The Mom & Pop company that prides itself on quality & service is more expensive of course simply because to do it right requires better material, tools and labor. Just so you know – your carpet comes with a manufacturer warranty of 25 years but is void if the carpet is not installed correctly. The sub-contracted installer gives you a 1 year install warranty on purpose because I guarantee you won’t call me for cleaning until after 1 year. It’s then you find out you’ve been duped.

Now, I’m in your home stretching your carpet and cutting out the excess like your installer should have and you’re going to pay for it. No, it’s not fair but it’s the way big business and franchises work. I’m a 1 truck carpet cleaning operation not a multi truck or franchise operation. Quality & correctness is the way I operate. Yes, as a quality San Diego carpet cleaner I inspect your carpet and repair your carpets. Today, carpet cleaners have no clue of what type of carpet they are cleaning, carpet install standards or carpet repairs. That radio carpet franchise carpet cleaning company will explain a few incorrect facts as to why your carpet is loose then clean it. That is unprofessional!!! It needs to be power stretched first and that option should be given to you by a professional carpet cleaning service that can do that for you.

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