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Carpet warranty is normally a 25 year warranty that is only designed to make you feel good. Some of the best greasiest lawyers have designed the warranty with exclusions in order that you can’t make a claim. Your normal carpet guy is normally an industry drone. I am a professional experienced carpet cleaner & carpet repairman that will not drink the koolaid of decietful practices of the industry.

Now, I will say this; in 26 years I have only seen 2 issues that were warranty issues even though the manufacturer will try to refuse it.This means that you will probably never get damaged product from the carpet mill. This does not mean that you will not get a defective product once installed by your installer.

Two issues I have seen that were rare but happen are carpet pile distortion due to roll crush. Another defect was a very oily Olefin (polypropylene) berber carpet.

Pile distortion from roll crush is normally  discovered by a “professional carpet installer”. Today, there are very few professional installers. Today the typical installer is the cheapest bidding subcontractor. What are the odds he or she will lay out that carpet to inspect before bringing it to your house, what are the odds they will know what to inspect for? Roll crush leaves long lines across the carpet of open fibers that are all distorted and wont lay with the lay of the carpet. I have seen this on plush cut piles and cleaning or grooming doesn’t correct it. Typical roll crush on loop carpet or low profile cut piles often grow away after cleaning and grooming. The carpet manufacturer does not like to pick this up as a defect until they get documentation of the severe cases that won’t correct. Either way it’s always to inspect the carpet yourself once the installer lays it out and refuse any carpet that has roll crush lines in it.

By having the installer lay it all out before seaming, you can inspect it in order to nip and problems in the bud right there. Way too often I run into large carpet installs where there are two different colors. This is due to 2 different lot numbers of exact same carpet. Nothing like a large room with 1 color on one side and another on the other. You would think an installer would be smart enough to stop right there instead of seaming and stretching it in anyway. You must oversee all of this unfortunately today.

Very oily Olefin berber is rare but happens. The reason is this type of product is oil based and mill oil is used during the manufacturer of these carpets but sometimes wat too much is used and not removed. The manufacturer does not consider this mistake or defect even though their mill machine had a defect to cause this. Olefin berbers always feel oily especially off the roll but the problem is sudden soiling. As soon as it is installed you can see soiled areas where it attracted soil from the installers, days after the install mysterious soiling appears. The manufacturer would like you get it solvent cleaned which I consider hazardous. I have also seen instances where it will require more than one cleaning to completely remove all the soil attracting mill oil.

What happens when you the faithful buyer of their product makes a warranty claim? Well, those warranty exclusions that some of the most greasiest lawyers designed will come into play. First of all, they will send a Team Player of the industry over to inspect the carpet. These are people who pay for the honour of carrying the IICRC certification. Some carpet warranties used to require one of these certified Team Players clean you carpet. Years ago they found out they could not enforce that.

The warranty claim inspection starts by finding items to get out of the warranty claim and completely voiding your warranty. This is very important so read this part carefully. If your carpet is more than a year old they will verify whether you had your carpet cleaned within the 12-18 month requirement. If you exceeded the requirement then it’s void. Next, if you make it that far is to inspect the installation, if it is faulty it is VOID! 90% of installs I see are  improper. The #1 problem is that the carpet never gets Power Stretched but a kicker is used at install instead. This voids the warranty since your carpet is considered DAMAGED GOODS at this point. But, if the carpet passes that test then they will inspect for the next exclusion on the improper install list: Seam Sealing. If the carpet seam edges were not sealed then it’s void, this is almost every case in every home I inspect where the carpet was correctly installed with a power stretcher. This is a pain in the butt to apply latex and wait to dry before seaming the carpet and you can see why it gets left out. This FAILS almost every carpet warranty claim.

Pet urine is one of the best ways to cut through all that inspection work by the inspector so they can get done faster. If there are any signs of a pet in your home they will just break out the UV light and inspect for urine. Even if all the urine was completely removed a UV light will still always pick up the spots, no hiding it – VOID! There are other exclusions but 2 more that will show with the UV light are blood or urine.

I am not a team player for the carpet & flooring industry but I consider myself a professional. When I see B.S. I call it and rightly so, I’ve been doing this for 26 years. My pet peeve is announcing and hopefully catching industry rip offs. I’m so tired of having to correct carpet cleaning or carpet installation defects where the consumer got taken. Let me help you if you are getting new carpet. Please read the paragraph below.

Carefully choose who you buy carpet or flooring from. The biggest reasons I get repair issues from improper installs is because if Empire Today, Home Depot & Lowes. Read their YELP reviews not googles. Googles can be faked, not Yelps. Check the BBB. Anyone that subcontracts the installers instead of providing their own I can almost guarantee you will have issues. Your 25 year carpet or flooring warranty hinges on a correct install or it’s void. READ THIS – your install warranty is year and designed to cover improper installations. Greasy lawyers that designed this know very well that by the time that you see the results of a poor improper install that it’s a year later. If you get a carpet cleaner like me that inspects your carpet before I start to identify the problems, it is after your 1 year install warranty. So, everyone’s butt is covered and you have no leg to stand on now. This is a well rehearsed game so choose wisely who you buy carpet or flooring from, do your research. Most, most important is to get an independent inspection on the install before the furniture is put back. I have zero problems walking on an install job calling it like it is to save you heartache & money in the future.

You have every right to oversee an install and you should tell the one you buy the carpet from that you will oversee it and that you will have an independent install inspection upon completion. This will cause either of two things: 1 – the carpet distributor will back out because the lowest bidding subcontracted installers will not do the correct install at that price, 2 – the carpet distributor will ensure the subcontracted installer will install IAW CRI 105 and knows their work will be judged and inspected to standard.

If you feel you are a savvy buyer and price shop then forget all that I’ve said here, I can’t help you and I’m honestly sick of these types of consumers. When you see FREE CARPET INSTALLATION or a big discount for the install, just know that this is the most labor intensive job and the most required detail correct. If you’re doing it cheap then human nature dictates what?

Carpet knee kicker San Diego

The knee kicker should never be used as a carpet stretcher for an install. If you see this then stop the install!

Carpet power stretcher

You better see this or you are getting ripped off and you will get this after your 1 year carpet warranty expires:San Diego Carpet stretching service

If those cuts for the seams are not seam sealed with latex then you can expect all your seams to fray from vacuuming and foot traffic:Frayed seam

On this newer carpet, once it starts, it doesn’t stop. Seam sealing is absolutely required.

Hope this info helps you for your next carpet. For my prices on cleaning or repairs click – HERE

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