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An often carpet repair that we see are carpet to tile repair or carpet to wood & vinyl repair. This is simply because a homeowner will replace carpet with another floor covering but the contractor did not finish the transition. This is very typical & we can certainly fix this for you.Carpet to tile repair

Another reason for carpet to tile repair or any other floor is that it just wasn’t stretched into place by the floor guy and it has come loose now. We fix these all the time.Carpet transition repair el cajon

Sometimes we run into a situation at the transition where the carpet is so low to the tile that it’s a hazard and a problem of the tile edge chipping. This just needs to be shimmed as it should have been done the first time – we can help.

Carpet stretching to carpet patching we can certainly help you. All too very often a carpet installer won’t use the “required mandatory carpet power stretcher” and you get left with wrinkles or a pet eats a hole in the rug – call me.Carpet stretching san diegoPet damage repair

We are Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning, we’ve been serving San Diego for carpet cleaning in the residential & commercial arena and the same for Carpet Repairs in San Diego since 1994. Back in the day all carpet cleaners had to know carpet inside & out, today carpet cleaners are just carpet janitors that only understand “squirt”, “suck” & “leave you soaked”. For the one’s that mess that up even worse have embraced Dry Carpet Cleaning again, no intelligence required just buff the dirt & rearrange it, no extraction. That was a late 40’s thing that ran into the 60’s. Now it’s revisited and termed as “High Tech Low Moisture Cleaning”. It is still “scrub & run” where the word cleaning is not defined or accomplished.

For any of your carpet repair or carpet cleaning concerns please feel free to call me. You can also see my prices and Specials here, just click on Specials.

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