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Carpet & tile cleaning Johnson County TN are a few services I offer but one of the most important since many have shifted to hard floors or have a combination of both types of floor covering. Let me just say that since I have moved here I realize how hard it is to find let alone a quality service professional in this county. I assure you that regardless of the size of your job that I will come out, I will actually return your call if I can’t answer your call and I will guarantee my work.

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Unmatched Tile & Grout Cleaning
Tile cleaning mountain city

Tile and grout cleaning gets put off a lot and for that reason we get a lot of grout stain. Grout is cementous and just by you mopping chemical cleaners and that soil into the grout lines will create stains. I’d like to claim that we get perfect uniform clean grout lines every time but nobody can.

Tile cleaning johnson county

Give us a call when you need your tile cleaned.

 carpet & tile cleaning johnson county

Carpet cleaning and  carpet repair in Mountain City – Butler TN is what we provide as a professional carpet care service. All too often when we arrive for a carpet cleaning service we find a needed repair or several.

Carpet stretching

When you need a carpet cleaner that can repair your carpet while they clean it, give us a call.

Bleach spot repair johnson county tn
Carpet & tile cleaning johnson county tn

A good carpet cleaning service will not just clean over your issues but have the ability to repair also.

It can be a pet damage problem that requires a carpet patch and a clean.

It can also be loose carpet with the wrinkles due to an improper install that we can carpet stretch for you before we clean it.

Bleach spots or color loss is so very typical and we can help.

We like to repair then clean to test our work since we provide a lifetime guarantee of the life of the carpet for our repairs.

When it comes to carpet cleaning in Johnson County we have the tools for every situation. For over 25 years we have provided a true no residue carpet clean that is organic and green.

  We’re not your ordinary  carpet & tile cleaning in Johnson County TN, we have the highest standards in.the industry along with a quality reputation. No games, no bait, no switch, no up sells like all the others pull. Just a veteran owner operated service.

We’ve been serving carpet & tile consumers since 1994. See our prices HERE

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