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Carpet stretching Spring ValleyWhy do my carpets have ugly wrinkles? You need Carpet Stretching Spring Valley.

This is a constant problem in San Diego and I believe that the reason is due to subcontractor installers. You hardly ever buy carpet from a place that has thier own installers. The distributor you bought the carpet from more than likely sent out invitations to bid and chooses the lowest bidder. When you are in a border town like San Diego I don’t need to tell you of low standard installers. Cheapest bidder has to make it up somewhere so cutting corners and doing away with required CRI install standards leaves the building. Temperature acclamation and power stretching don’t happen in a large majority of carpet installations. They know you don’t know the required install requirements and so get away with it. This is why we do carpet stretching Spring Valley and in San Diego. Your carpet was never technically installed, your carpet warranty is now void all thanks to your nonstandard installers. When the carpet is loose it wrinkles, bubbles or buckles.

We power stretch loose carpet

We come into your home and I start off with an install and carpet damage inspection. This is to document for you and point out the items you need fixed. Normally the minor things we address as part of the service such as a carpet to floor transition that is off/loose. It must be secure and tight before we begin. If we find your carpet wrinkled we do have the expertise to stretch it for you but it’s up to you. What is important to us is that it gets identified and you understand that cleaning the carpet may make it worse. Even more important is our use of tools such as a rotary cleaner which will push the wrinkles around due to the weight.

A professional carpet cleaning service

Why would a professional carpet cleaner clean over this? If the did not or could not stretch it they should be honest enough to have customer get it stretched first.

We always stretch carpet before we clean it. This gives us the opportunity to not only test our work but most important – turn up the heat and try to steam out the memory of the crease where the wrinkles were. A professional carpet cleaning service in San Diego will give you the opportunity to have your needed carpet repairs addressed before the cleaning starts. We do this frequently while one of us cleans the other is ahead making repairs.

What makes us the better choice for carpet cleaning?

We come prepared to do it all when we clean. If there is carpet pet damage, carpet burns, carpet bleached spots, bad carpet seams and carpet re-stretching, then we can handle this while cleaning.

Give us a call next time if you believe you have issues that need repair along with carpet cleaning services.

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