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It’s a downright shame that today’s installers do not install carpet by the book (CRI 105) the way it is required to be installed in order for your 25 year carpet warranty to be in force and to provide the least amount of wear and to stay wrinkle free. There is an epidemic today of contractors and carpet distributor outlets subcontracting to the lowest bidder. If you think it’s going to get better just look around, there are subcontracting entities such as homeadvisor that have taken over to gather contractors at a price to get jobs. Do you know how many contractors get a black eye and have to change their names? These places are where you go to stay under the radar meantime since you have to pay dearly for the job you have to take it out of the customer. Don’t believe me, just do a search for any of those type of groups complaints to see the truth. Getting back on topic, you are the looser when dealing with a subcontractor.

When an installer installs your carpet you usually get a 1 year install warranty from the one you bought that carpet from. Your warranty also says you must have your carpet cleaned within 12-24 months depending on manufacturer today. That 1 year warranty was very wise since by the time you call me and I.D. that your carpet was installed incorrectly it’s too late. Now your 25 year warranty is void due to Improper Install.

Eight out of 10 carpets we visit for cleaning have not been power stretched in to legally claim your carpet was Installed. At this point the language is that your carpet is “damaged Goods” and not installed. Here is a typical result of a carpet not power stretched just a few years later:

Most people just suffer through it and say “heck with it we”ll get hardwood floors”. Well, then you go into the same crappy install and another story. But, here what we do very typically:

When we come in as a professional carpet cleaning service we come in prepared to correct this, it would be very unethical to tell you all we can do is just clean it and leave you with that mess. Yes, I have had customers tell me not to worry about it and just clean over it, we will do it but, a loose carpet will wave up even more after we clean it. We will make you be aware of this in writing of which you will sign to release us from liability. Those wrinkles do require hot steaming water cleaning to iron out those creases. Some times it will take months for those creases to go away since that hard latex carpet backing has been in that distorted position for a few years. We also guarantee our repairs for the life of the carpet. I personally after stretching the carpet correctly will put the power of our truck mounted powerful suction on those tacked in areas to test my work.

One of the most typical stretches we do our those pesky stair ripples:

These are somewhat easy and depends on the install or lack of tack strip. But, we can address these and you should. The stairs get traveled on multiple times a day and those bumps, bubbles or wrinkles get worn. If let go they turn into what looks like a dark line.

If you suspect that you have carpet install discrepancies call us! Don’t call a typical carpet cleaning only guy that doesn’t inspect install 1st before cleaning. When these guys suck a carpet off an already loose tack strip along a wall or pull the carpet off at a carpet to floor transition they panic and won’t tell you. At this point once the carpet is off tack it will start to get even more loose than it is.

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