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You need the best carpet stretching & repair Boone, NC, I can help. I spent many years in San Diego, a haven for the most incorrect carpet installs on the planet! I started my small carpet cleaning business while on active duty Navy but the poor sloppy installs left me re-stretching & repairing carpet in addition to cleaning. I quickly cut my teeth on carpet repairs and spent 26 years doing it.

Carpet stretching & repair Boone NC

Carpet Stretching

Today’s carpet installers and flooring installers are typically lowest bid subcontractor winners in California and since San Diego is a border town you can bet that you will be getting some half wit illegal aliens that care less about required carpet install standards. They get invitations to bid and the flooring store will subcontract the lowest bidder. That is the problem. The great thing about Tennessee is that we are not a sanctuary state that welcomes illegal aliens and gives them work over the state citizens. There is actually quality here.

The problem starts when the installer cuts corners and just lays in the carpet and bumps it with knee kicker instead of the “required” power stretcher. So this is why I come out prepared to stretch loose wrinkled carpet on every carpet cleaning job even though, so far in TN I have not found loose carpet.

Todays carpet is designed to be stretched in. Those that want to install carpet themselves may not realize this. Of course if it isn’t power stretched the wrinkling & buckling will begin soon. The humidity here in Tennessee will make sure of that. The humidity is the #2 reason a carpet can buckle and it’s not to blame the install here unlike in San Diego. So I’m sure it happens here but I have yet to find it thanks to American quality that exists here in Tennessee.

There are many types of carpet repairs that I encounter that range from sun rot to bleach stains. It’s just part of the program as a Carpet Cleaner.

Bleach stains are very typical due to bad carpet spotters like Resolve or Spot Shot and many others. Actual bleach and pet urine does the trick too. But that being said, carpets out here tend to be polyester of which I consider to be garbage. These carpets have many characteristics that are poor but since being in Tennessee I have changed my perspective.

Polyester is “junk carpet”, it was not designed to last long to ensure you’d be back to buy again. It’s recycled plastic for a plastic world that we live in now. The great thing and only thing I like about it is that it can’t stain except by anything that contains petroleum grease or even food oils. So the typical pet urine or chemical color loss spots don’t usually exist. It’s pretty hard to stain plastic.

So why is junk carpet great for TN? The soil here contains things that can stain the higher end carpet fibers such as wool or nylon. That’s it, the only reason I approve of the inferior polyester carpets here. Less staining, you’d be replacing nylon just as soon as polyester since nylon would become unsightly due to soil staining. Carpet stretching & repair Mountain City is almost nill for me except for pet damage.

Another very typical repair is for carpet pet damage. Lock a pet in a room and you’ll need some one like me for sure. We all do it and our pets ain’t dumb, they will attempt to dig out of that room to get to us. No problem though, I can fix it for you, I will just need a donor piece of extra same or a closet will have to be sacraficed. The closet can be replaced when a remenent of something close gets found.

We come out prepared for it all rather than just be another cleaning only service. It’s part of the job to get the carpet as restored as possible. If the carpet is filthy and loose or has a big hole in the hallway then it only makes sense to restore it. Stretch it tight to get out the wrinkles, patch the pet damage and clean it.

The best thing is that when you combine those services together you get a discount. Sure beats having to pay 2 different contractors out.

Give Miracle Services a try whether it be for carpet cleaning, carpet stretching & repair or both. I’ve been doing this since 1994 and have a proven track record for quality. I am a one man show now that I’m in Tennessee and you won’t get that hurry up Splash & Dash carpet cleaning that many are known for. Of course when I was in Kalifornia everyone was in a hurry and customers actually wanted it banged out in a hurry but I don’t operate that way. I now live out in Butler, TN an operate in 25 mile radius keeping it small.

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