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Carpet power stretching san diego

Do you need carpet stretching Carmel Valley area? As a San Diego professional carpet cleaning service we have to specialize in carpet repairs such as carpet stretching. Too large a majority of carpet installs are wrong. The result is buckled, bubbled or wrinkles carpet. This is because the carpet was not powerstretched and it is loose. Legally the carpet was never installed and is now considered damaged goods.

It’s a bummer when we come out for a cleaning service and have to tell you that your carpet is loose because someone didn’t do their job.. So, we end up stretching rooms before we clean them. It isn’t a problem for us it’s just a terrible shame that this happens on installs to you after supposedly paying for that required step of power stretching.

If you can see the bubbled carpet along the wall or have a few wrinkles it only gets worse. Humidity makes it more obvious and so does cleaning.

If you think you have loose carpet it’s best to let us know at carpet cleaning scheduling so that we can allot time to re-stretch your carpet before we clean it. Call us out to stretch and clean. Those wrinkles turn to creases and need the high heat of cleaning to get them to relax once we power stretch it.

One of the main reasons people call us is because unlike other carpet cleaners, we repair carpet, it goes hand in hand with carpet cleaning, or at least it used to. Always search out a qualified carpet cleaning service instead of a big truck operation like a franchise. Employees/techs are only trained to clean and upsell for their 30% commission sale. You have warranties on your carpet and the install, you need a knowledgable pro to look out for you and a possible warranty claim. Believe me, there is nothing worse than coming in after a customer has used xyz company to clean the last 6 years and let carpet & install defects go without documentation or helping you make a claim.

Give us a call next time if you have concerns with your carpet.

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