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Carpet stretching

Don’t you just hate it? You buy new carpet and a year later you see wrinkles or bubbles. Now you need carpet stretching San Diego. This is why we are carpet stretchers.

Cheap mentality is to find the cheapest and save but it always comes back to bite us. Installers are normally given invitations to bid and the cheapest gets the job. Standards and requirements get thrown out the window and short cuts get taken. There is a required standard for carpet installation to prevent damage and to keep your 25 year warranty in effect.

Now, it’s not just you, it’s also the place you buy the carpet from who more than likely sent out invitations to bid. I get these all the time but I will not ever be a subcontractor! Being a subcontractor means all accountability is off me and on the cheap guy that contracted me. It doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be this way!

Your carpet should be installed to standard – CRI 105, it’s mandatory. When installed correctly with required power carpet stretchers you won’t see wrinkles, bubbles or buckling until 20 years or more. I’ve cleaned many a carpet close to and over 20 years that is still tight and seams solid. I still see a few perfect installs but not many and I know of a few that sell and install carpet without subcontractors and they are the only ones I recommend.

I do get into some very sad installs where the customer is passive about the whole thing and refuses to hold an installer accountable. It is what it is they say. I say call the one you bought the carpet from needs to be held accountable. They sub-contracted the lowest bidding installer.

AI did a recent estimate for a mess, I gave it at $1200 and the guy got angry at me. Sorry, but it isn’t going to be as cheap as your installer who didn’t power stretch it. The guy had 2 great rooms, 6 bedrooms and a hallway all badly loose.

This is why your 25 year carpet warranty is now void. It was not legally installed to required standard. It was just layed in and bumped in with knee kickers which is a perfect recipe for loose carpet in a year.

I called Shaw industries on a few occasions even talked to a Mohawk rep. face to face to voice my concerns and they basically told me they don’t care unless they get an actual complaint and it’s then they react.

Here is what happens after you spent $9200 on new carpet and a bad install: you make a claim, a carpet mfr. rep. comes out to inspect. They go down the list of exclusions 1st.

During the inspection they immediately see the carpet was not installed to standard, sorry your warranty is now void!

Sure, it was only installed 15 months ago and it’s about this time it shows the wrinkles.  Well, your substandard installer gave you a 1 year install warranty and now you out of any warranty.

I have gotten many clients new carpets or free repaired carpets due to our inspections. It’s paramount and sad but you need an independent carpet inspection after an install to protect yourself.

Bottom line, if you have a install issue, loose carpet or needed carpet repairs call me. I want your money but if there is a chance for a claim I will help you with that route 1st. We’ve helped many get new carpet or repairs due to substandard installs. Most important, help out a friend getting a new install and have us inspect to save you down the line.

Give me a call, text me some pics of the issues along with age of carpet and let’s see what we can do.

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