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Carpet Seam Problems

As a full service carpet cleaning service we encounter many carpet problems that need attention. We do provide carpet seam repairs San Diego during a cleaning visit. Seams do present a problem when the  required install standards are not adhered to. In the case of the seams they are required to be seam sealed to prevent unravelling and delamination.

Seam Unravelling 

Carpet seam repair san diego

On this small loop pile carpet you can see the fraying of the yarns as they unravel. Foot traffic and vacuuming will do this on a seams not sealed.

Carpet Delamination

Carpet repair san diegoCarpet edge delamination

The first picture is seam delamination and the second picture is carpet edge delamination. Another reason that all cuts and seams must be seam sealed. This are too common and shouldn’t be! Miracle Services repairs many of these while providing carpet cleaning service in San Diego.

Carpet Seam Repair

When we encounter a bad seam we end up cutting it out if we can’t re-laminate it.

Carpet patch san diego

We can fix it for you as long as you have some extra carpet or a closet of the same.

Here is a problem that isn’t a problem:

Carpet seam peaking

It’s called seam peaking where you can see a long humped line going across the room and you can see the gap of the seam. It’s common in large grand rooms. When the carpet is power stretched to standard the long seam peaks since the cut edges are not adhered to each other but just underneath by seam tape. Todays new technology of RF wave seaming and special adhesive can prevent this. Sadly, it’s too expensive for cheap low bidder installers.

At Miracle Services we use only latest technology tools and the finest quality materials. Every patch and cut gets seam sealed regardless of size. By not Sean sealing a carpet patch we open ourselves up to another repair because we guarantee all of our repairs for the life time of the carpet.

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